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A winner and a closure for someone…

Based on last Sunday’s The Voice of the Philippines’ Live Show Results, I must say that the strongest survived and the weakest did arrive in their final curtain calls. For each team, there was a winner and a closure for those who were not chosen to move on to the next level.

For TeamSarah’s, I must say that Morissette did the trick. She did bring the house down with her voice. Maki, her teammate, may have given a great performance, but I still saw the lass from Cebu with such great potential and she’s the one that the texters were vouching for that night.

With TeamLea’s, Mitoy still remains undisputed in terms of performance, but Darryl was my choice actually that evening, which the public also agreed with me. Darryl did great. He was the perfect example of what Patti Austin have described–he hit the note in the hearts of his audience. However, it was Coach Lea’s scores for Mitoy that made him won.

I wanted not to give my thoughts on TeamBamboo, but I guess, this time was something that Coach Bamboo did the right decision. I love Paolo over Lee Grane. I have always wanted her out even during the Battle Rounds.

But with TeamApl, my choice was Penelope. However, it was pretty obvious that Thor has a strong following over Penelope.

Next week, I just hope that the public will get to vote the rightful contenders to battle till the end of the singing tilt.


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