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Juan dela Cruz ends today!

ABS-CBN Channel 2 is closing its highly successful fantaserye titled ‘Juan dela Cruz’ today, October 25; and has imprinted fond memories to its lead, the drama king Coco Martin.

Coco Martin as Juan dela Cruz. Image courtesy of ABS-CBN.

Coco Martin as Juan dela Cruz. Image courtesy of ABS-CBN.

The show ran for eight months, which premiered in February of this year.

In a blog conference held three weeks ago, Martin had the chance to express his gratitude for having done the said project on television. Apart from the fame it brought him, he feels fulfilled for the advocacy programs that the series has done during its run.

Like his character, when Martin was asked if he were to choose from the weapons that his ‘Bakal na Cruz’ gets to transform, which would he most likely resonate with; and he was quick to answer: “It’s the shield.

“To my loved ones, I’ve always been their shield from all the challenges in life. I also like playing the ‘shield’ to protect my loved ones.”

He may likely have that Messianic attitude, but for sure his heroic acts don’t go to waste as well as his effective portrayal of the role.

And despite the successes he is enjoying, Martin remains a humble individual and still maintains his good relationships with the people he has worked with especially the people behind the cameras.

Join him and the rest of the cast members in tonight’s conclusion of the said series.


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