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Chiu auditions, just to love Lim in ‘Bride for Rent’

A Short Review

Kim and Xian in 'Bride for Rent'. Another blockbuster film from Star Cinema.

Kim and Xian in ‘Bride for Rent’. Another blockbuster film from Star Cinema.

If you intend to have fun, this latest offering of Star Cinema, which brings together the successful team-up of Kim Chiu and Xian Lim in a film directed by Mae Czarina Cruz titled ‘Bride for Rent’ is for you.

On its first day alone, the romantic comedy flick has scored a Php21 million box-office record and still growing. For me, there are three reasons why this reunion movie of Chiu and Lim is a huge hit.

First, both Kim and Xian are two lovely actors of this generation who possess such ‘charm’ that their fans and even the non-fans couldn’t resist. They have that ‘chemistry’ that makes their fans go giddy and giggle at the same time. Plus the fact, these two young stars do not have the qualms of making fun of themselves; and they create a good comedic timing onscreen. Their being funny isn’t ‘forced’ but they simply enjoy it and it reflects on how they portrayed their respective characters as Rocco Espiritu and Rocky dela Cruz very well.

Second, the story and concept of this reunion movie of Chiu and Lim may no longer be new; still it worked well. The twists-and-turns, the cheats-and-hurts, the emotional tugging of the heart—are all here. Direk Mae Cruz did well in guiding her two stars to play around with their characters; own it as if they ‘really’ acted as they are the ‘characters’ in real-life. It gave a different dimension for each character’s POV. I have to admit that it made me cry twice. Just watch it so you’ll know what part where I shed tears.

Third and the last, it’s the fan’s strong support of their idols. There isn’t no doubt that for a project such as this—though not as ambitious or not as novel in terms of concept—it will still be a huge box-office success. Based on what I saw from the block screening I just went into tonight at a cinema in Podium—the fans were young, not wild, but were warm and well-mannered, at least that’s what I saw. Kim herself who attended the screening was even game enough to stay longer and mingle with her fans without having that diva-ish attitude.

Most endearing scenes that were incorporated in the film were: the interviews of married couples and even the statement of Lala (Pilita Corrales), Rocco’s grandmother. Insights about commitment, loving someone till the end, and so on. The part when Rocco admitted that he made a mistake and apologized was executed well–it was the scene where Rocky commended Rocco for such maturity and bravery.

Maybe, the only thing that I found off was the pairing of two veteran stars–Anita Linda and Tony Mabesa, which I think had a big gap in age, unless if the script intended it to be. I must say, their interview was one of the most powerful rendition of what real commitment to love until the end is all about.

I didn’t fall asleep during the run and it’s worth the penny. After watching it though, what I’ve thought that if I were to give the film another title—I’d give it as ‘Audition to Love.’

Note: Thanks to Albert Bryan of Chikka-nessAvenue.com for the invite.

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