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‘The Legal Wife’: Another Intense Drama on Primetime Bida

The cast of 'Legal Wife' minus Rosales with Henry Quitain. Photograph by Adrian Benipayo.

The cast of ‘Legal Wife’ minus Rosales with Henry Quitain. Photograph by Adrian Benipayo.

Replacing a soap like ‘Maria Mercedes’ is one that challenged the people behind ‘The Legal Wife’, which will premiere tomorrow, January 27 with Angel Locsin, Jericho Rosales, Maja Salvador, and JC de Vera as the lead stars. It will be directed by Rory B. Quintos and Dado Lumibao.

The soap was originally titled ‘Hanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin’ and was also supposedly going to replace another show in 2013—‘Bukas na lang Kita Mamahalin’, but fate didn’t allow it and it was to give way for the clamor of Koreanovela fanatics to air first—‘When a Man Falls in Love’.

According to Henry Quitain, the creative manager for the show—this soap is not just centered on the love triangle between Monica Santiago (Locsin), married to Adrian de Villa (Rosales), and with Nicole Esquivel (Salvador); but rather places the fourth important character of Max Gonzales (de Vera).


It is a love square and not a love triangle. Audience will be treated to a different kind of storytelling and intertwining relationships in the most complicated manner. See how the four characters have matured in their takes for their respective roles that will surely make televiewers glued to their television sets on weeknights.

Locsin, Rosales, Salvador, de Vera are also supported by veteran stars like Christopher de Leon as Javier Santiago, Rio Locsin as Eloisa Santiago, Mark Gil as Dante, Joem Bascon as Javy Santiago, Ahron Villena as Jasper Santiago, and Maria Isabel Lopez as Sandra. Other stars are Thou Reyes, Vandolph Quizon, Frenchie Dy, Dionne Monsanto, Pamu Pamorada, Michael Flores, and Joe Vargas. Xyriel Manabat, James Blanco, Neri Naig, Matt Evans, Bugoy Carino, and Aaron Junatas will have special appearances in the said show.

Having all these stars in the said series, ABS-CBN already provides its loyal viewers with another intense drama to watch out for.

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