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BWW Reviews: TOILET: A New Musical

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Manila, Philippines–To talk on the big white phone (to vomit into the toilet), a slang term, has inspired composer and lyricist Ejay Yatco (“Sa Wakas,” World Championships of Performing Arts) to create the new musical titled TOILET. If young audiences enjoyed “Grease,” Disney’s “High School Musical,” Disney’s “Camp Rock,” and FOX TV’s “Glee,” Blue Repertory’s TOILET, would most likely to succeed, too, given further tweaking. If improved, TOILET could attract more young audiences to come to the theater since the musical aims to address the everyday struggles of young adults.

The play, which stars Cassie Manalastas (Tiffany Williams), Franco Chan (Paul Robinson), Bernice Reyes (Dianne Johnson), Nel Gomez (Joey Smith), Mica Fajardo (Lucille Hill), Boo Gabunada (Patty Collins), KC Kane (Therese Wilson), Lorenzo Mendoza (Gus Miller), and Titus Villanueva (Rob Harris), opens with narrator Darrell Uy, a janitor, who is aware of students who often seek refuge in the school’s toilet. Each featured character has his or her personal and/or social struggle, i.e., trying to make a difference or trying to fit in school. Apparently, relationships and conflicts get to intertwine in here.

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