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Repertory Philippines’ ‘NOISES OFF’ on its last 4 shows

There is nothing that can beat in laughing it out loud when watching Repertory Philippines’ latest production on ‘Noises Off’ directed by Miguel Faustmann, which has four remaining performances starting tonight, April 25 (8pm), Saturday, April 26 (3pm and 8pm), and Sunday, April 27 (3:30Pm) at Greenbelt One’s Onstage.

Gathering in one production the country’s versatile theater actors and providing wacky acts that won’t bore the audience is a humongous task for the theater company, but succeeds in this 1982 play by the English playwright Michael Frayn. In the cast are Chinggoy Alonso, Frances Makil Ignacio, Paul Holme, Shiela Valderrama, Lorenz Martinez, Carla Guevara-Laforteza, Gerard Sison, Peachy Atilano, and Nico Dans.

If you ask me who made me laugh? My answer would be—all of them. None of the actors playing their characters bored me. All actors did their parts well and sustained the level of energy and hilarity all throughout. I got glued from the start till the end and it was such a laughing treat for me when I was feeling kind of down that afternoon when I watched it.

I must say the standout actors for me were—Ignacio who played Dotty Otley, the forgetful, late-middle-aged actress and has a romantic interest in the stuttering actor Garry Lejeune portrayed by Martinez. She provokes Garry by showing interest in Frederick ‘Freddy’ Fellowes breathed into by Sison.

Then the funny character is Brooke Ashton, the young inexperienced actress from London essayed by Guevara-Laforteza. She’s naturally funny when she performs onstage and backstage. And she’s funnier when she always lose her contact lenses in the middles of her scenes.

And the two male characters in the play Garry and Freddy were equally funny as well. They were as funny as the actors in the film, which were played by John Ritter and the late Christopher Reeve, respectively.

Faustmann’s direction is really identifiable and appealing to the Filipino audience’s sensibilities. The conflicts between the actors offstage and onstage were hilarious. ‘Noises Off’ is the expanded version play based on Frayn’s short-lived one-act play called ‘Exits’, which once was written and performed in 1977. Its film version in 1992 was directed by Peter Bogdanovich and its screenplay written by Marty Kaplan.

Watch and don’t miss the last four performances. For tickets, log on to TicketWorld or contact telephone number (632) 891-9999.


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