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A Review on ‘Sana Bukas pa ang Kahapon’

The following texts are lifted from the review I wrote about the latest TV series that features one of ABS-CBN Channel’s prized jewels–Bea Alonzo on the lead role.

‘Sana Bukas pa ang Kahapon’: A TV Show that Reminds of the 80s Movies

In this scene, Paulo Avelino as Patrick kisses Bea Alonzo as Rose. Screen shot from the episode of the said series.

In this scene, Paulo Avelino as Patrick kisses Bea Alonzo as Rose. Screen shot from the episode of the said series.

The latest primetime series that ABS-CBN Channel 2 titled ‘Sana Bukas pa ang Kahapon’ reminds me of the movie titles back in the 80s that were really palatable to the taste of the moviegoers in those times.

Some of the titles that I could reckon with are—the Vilma Santos-the late Dindo Fernando-Hilda Koronel starrer, the 1980 Danny Zialcita film ‘Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan?’; then the Maricel Soriano film, which was directed by Maryo J. De Los Reyes titled ‘Saan Darating ang Umaga?’ in 1983; and lastly another Danny Zialcita flick ‘Bakit Manipis ang Ulap?’ in 1985 with Janice de Belen in the starring role.

The three movies had titles that were witty and did stimulate the minds of its moviegoers to think which is which and what’s the connection of the story.

Bea Alonzo assumes a dual role as Atty. Emmanuelle Gaspar-Romero and Rose Buenavista-Salvador. Its story revolves around two different women—a feisty attorney and a kind-hearted heiress of a huge chocolate company, who will be accused of a crime she did not commit as the story progresses. Alonzo is someone I consider the-next-Hilda Koronel-in-the-making. She fits the bill, exactly as it is created for her.

However, there was just one scene that probably earned some violent reactions from those chocolate experts and those who are in culinary arts—the scene where Paulo Avelino as Patrick Salvador, the chocolatier whom Rose fell in love with and hired eventually to be part of her chocolate shop—was half-naked in making the chocolates named under ‘From the Kitchen of Lola Pat’ (played by Anita Linda). This part, I agree with the reactions that it’s unhygienic. But when I saw the full episode, I think the scene can be excused since it was set in the home of Patrick rather than in a commercial factory.

Despite that scene, I still don’t find it un-appealing since I remember guys half-naked, sweating all over as they mix ground pork and beef for sausages found in local wet markets (I should know, I have seen these guys since my mom used to own a meat stall back in Cebu) and buyers still get to patronize such, no matter what. At times, we just easily react without even trying to look back in some real scenes in everyday life. That scene where Paulo was seen half-naked was to establish how ‘hot’ he is and for Rose to find Patrick as tempting and irresistible at the same time.

Paulo Avelino: A Perfect fit for a Filipino Romantic Novel-kind of a Hero.

Paulo Avelino as Patrick Salvador, the object of desires of Rose Buenavista and Maricar Reyes as Sasha Bayle.

Paulo Avelino as Patrick Salvador, the object of desires of Rose Buenavista and Maricar Reyes as Sasha Bayle.

It is obvious that this series directed by Jerome C. Pobocan and Trina N. Dayrit is geared toward a more ‘mature’ kind of audience and also for those who read romance novels that were popularized by Jude Deveraux and Janelle Taylor, the two authors I have read and loved in the past.

Even if Avelino doesn’t have to strip-off and show-off his sculptured built and abs—his stares, his smiles, and facial expressions are enough to make him sexy all at the same time. He’s being the Rock Star Chocolatier is something that most female and male gay viewers would go gaga over the show. Let’s face it—it is the purpose of him doing that scene.

Paulo just knows how to seduce not just Bea, but even his audience. The way he delivers his lines were like ‘please-stop-it- I- can’t- take-it-anymore-I’m-giving-in-any-moment’ is the expected reactions of its avid viewers. His way of enticing Rose to appreciate chocolates through the five senses was quite convincing and who could ever resist the presence of Avelino? That being said, if the creative team from GMA-7’s ‘Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real’ claimed that Dingdong Dantes’s role as Anthony was tailored-made for him then I assume that Paulo’s role as Patrick is also custom-fit for him. Even if he only dons a sando on the boobtube—it’s enough to sell him.

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