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The Controversial Review on GMA Films’ ‘Overtime’

It was quite funny to be accused of trolling, (defined as a person who submits deliberately inflammatory articles to an internet discussion) which I never did. What is even funnier is that the director of GMA Films’ latest flick titled ‘Overtime’, accused me of trolling him anonymously on twitter.

Let me just clear this out. I DO NOT TROLL. FIRST AND FOREMOST, I RARELY TWEET. Also, why would I be wasting my efforts in doing so? Do I get to ride on the director’s popularity? He has to rethink what he was thinking about himself. His movie is simply an insult to any Filipino moviegoer’s sensibility.

A Rappler.com review mentioned this: “It’s a film that is as rough as it is irreverent and as perverse as it is amusing. But while this may all be characteristic of some sort of narrative inconsistency, it strangely comes together through a Frankenstein-like work of comedy.” (To read the full review, click here.)

Here is my review on the film…

GMA Films’ ‘Overtime’ is an Insult to Filipino Moviegoers’ Sensibility

I was actually excited to go and watch the film since it’s Richard Gutierrez’s comeback film after his resurgence with his ladylove, the half-Swiss, half-Filipino Sarah Lahbati with their newly introduced one-year-old son, Zion; and it is Lauren Young’s follow-up flick since 2013—in the film ‘Puti’ where she displayed a sterling performance as Ana. However, when we reached the movie house—I could already sense that there’s something wrong.

This the screen shot of the post that the director of the film did on his facebook.

This the screen shot of the post that the director of the film did on his facebook.

Was this a case of bad marketing?

In the theater, we were just five—my four other companions and I plus another person sitting a few rows above us. That makes us six. At least, we were six and we had the theater for ourselves.

It was such a Drag.

The flick opened with Kumander Bungo’s acid social commentary against the Philippine nation via a video blog that left with an imminent warning—a threat that something big is going to happen.

Then it shifted to another character named Jody Amistoso (Lauren Young), an executive assistant who hasn’t gone to bed with any guy and is living a miserable life with a drunkard and gambler father (William Martinez) and a chain-smoker mother (Yayo Aguila) struck with emphysema. Jody has a younger brother named Bryan (Renz Valerio). She provides for her family as she works for Hunterton Pharmaceuticals.

I am not sure if I was the only one who was getting bored, but I didn’t see any part where in the first few scenes—that the film has taken-off, even to the point where Jody was already stressed out because of the tasks she’s been getting after her co-employees were leaving. I didn’t see any tension at all.

When it reached the part where she agreed to meet a long-time chat mate, named Dom Garcia and she went to a motel with the guy—it could have been better that they proceeded with the steamy sex scene in order to establish Don’s shady character. And if he loves the country so much—then he wouldn’t turn insane or show a tinge of insanity at all. It’s just too ironic.

Characterization is Too Weak.

A character-driven story makes it more interesting and it hooks the audience, unfortunately I didn’t see it in this film. Pardon me, but I really didn’t see anything that would make me sit any longer to watch the film except that I had to review it. I can’t just walk out of the theater without finishing the movie.

To read full review, click here!


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