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‘She’s Dating the Gangster’: An Ideal Movie Date

After watching the latest romantic comedy film of Skylight Films and Star Cinema, there are two things I have to confess and there are three things I’ve realized that people must need to know why I made such a claim on this Kathryn Bernardo-Daniel Padilla starrer via the title I gave for this particularly post.

Let me begin with the two things I have to confess.

I’m a Sucker of Romantic Flicks.

I started liking such films when I fell in love with Hollywood-produced movies like ‘You’ve Got Mail’ (1998), ‘The Wedding Singer’ (1998), ‘Never Been Kissed’ (1999), ‘Someone Like You’ (2001), ‘The Wedding Planner’ (2001), ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ (2003), and so on.

This is perhaps why I love this Bianca Bernardino novel turned into a film directed by blockbuster director – Cathy Garcia Molina.

‘She’s Dating the Gangster’ has all the elements of ‘kilig’ factor especially for all the KathNiel fans. If they loved their previous teleseryes and movies, with this—they’ll definitely go crazy with them even the more.

I’m No KathNiel fan.

Then what’s my point in bringing this up?

Back then, I never subscribed to the kind of cutesy acting they deliver both on TV nd on the silver screen, but after seeing this on its premiere night on Tuesday, July 15, I was saying to myself that this pair will go a long way.

They certainly earned their place to be one of Philippine Cinema’s well-loved tandems—with the likes of Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual, Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz, Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz, and more successful loveteams that Star Cinema has developed and succeeded in launching and catapulting into box-office statuses.

I agree with director Garcia-Molina when she made mention in a recently concluded bloggers’ conference that KathNiel tandem did deliver a notch-higher kind of ‘kilig’ factor in this film. I enjoyed every scene in this surefire hit as part of Star Cinema’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

Because of those confessions, there are three realizations that changed the way I perceive about this film adaptation on a Filipino novel of the same title, which had sold 70,000 paperback copies and an online hit of 60,000 readership on wattpad.

Even if there were adjustmets made in order to suit the taste of KathNiel followers, I would like to believe that it is faitful to its original form since Ms. Bernardino, the author stressed during the bloggers’ conference; the fimmakers retained the very essence of its story—the unfinished love story of Kenji and Athena so as the unlikely love of Kenneth and Kelay.

There maybe some scenes that were obviously incorporated just to tickel the fancies of the KathNiel fanatics, but even the non-KathNiel captive audience wo’t mind at all.

Like what I’ve said earlier, I never subscribed to the KathNiel tandem, which makes me a no-fan of Daniel Padilla either. But after moving me to shed tears—I should say this Padilla lad has great potentials of achieving or earning awards.

Daniel Padilla deserves a nomination [at least] for his effortless but sensitive portrayal of both the young Kenji and Kenneth, respectively.

The scenes where he ran after Kathryn as Athena Dizon was heart-wrenching. The lines uttered while clutching the woman he learned to love.

Lastly, a movie such—would never be this ‘appealing’ and won’t have the capabilities of earning good reviews and raking box-office results if the makers didn’t exactly know the formula of any commercial value of a film.

Apart from having the KathNiel team-up, Star Cinema has never been defeated in providing uniquely-crafted stories that may well-fit to its stable of stars. It was also successful in bringing back onscreen one of the country’s highy successful pairs—Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta for special participation.

‘She’s Dating the Gangster’ centers on the premise that TIME has its PERFECT MEANS of FINDING TRUE LOVE.

The fim also starsKhalil Ramos, Sofia Andres, Pamu Pamorada, Marco Gumabao, John Uy, Alex Diaz, Igi Boy Flores, and Yana Asistio.

Currently showing in 155 theaters nationwide since it opened on Wednesday, July 16. To know more about the show, click here!


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