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‘Enemy’: A Film on Coming to Terms with One’s Self

In the many stories offered about characters having of the same face or look-alikes, this film that features Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Enemy’, which is based on a 2002 novel by Portuguese author José Saramago, who won the Nobel Prize for literature and has a title—The Double, in Portuguese, it is translated as ‘O Homem Duplicado’ and literally means ‘The Duplicated Man’ is both spooky and disturbing in nature.

The novel found its English translation and was published as ‘The Double’ in 2004.

This film opened with a mystery for the audience to decipher, which probably most wouldn’t be able to decipher right away even when it reaches its conclusion.

This new film is directed by French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve.

Gyllenhaal’s two characters in the film—Adam Bell and Anthony Claire are identical with each other that even their partners—Mary and Helen (portrayed by Mélanie Laurent and Sarah Gadon) couldn’t easily detect any difference between the two guys.

What is most interesting about the movie is Adam’s life. He is a college history assistant professor, but he has the tendencies to live a repetitive life as the film’s cinematography suggested some tinges of how Adam is verging into a boredom state, which is evident when he had a rough sex with his girlfriend Mary.

The film showed how he has lived a life that he wanted to get out from and it was his colleague who has suggested him to rent a DVD tape and in the movie, he discovered a bit actor that really look like him and his name is Anthony.

In the next scenes, he found himself stalking Anthony, the bit actor from the movie he rented out. It is where the conflict and the complication further ensue.

He met up with Anthony and since the actor wanted to get rid of him, traded places with him. Adam agreed that he will take on Anthony’s role as the husband to a pregnant wife named Helen. Anthony had sex with Adam’s girlfriend Mary and Adam also found himself having sex with Anthony’s wife.

The story presented not really that suspenseful but rather disturbing, a similar kind of drama found in our local television series, but only gave a different punch. Frankly, this film isn’t the type that an audience would come out entertained, but rather shocked especially with its ending when Adam has to embrace the life that Anthony has traded him with.

Discover how a tarantula signifies something in Adam’s journey to a life he probably would have wanted and forced to live with. Adam has to come to terms with his temptations and so as Anthony.

‘Enemy’ opens on July 30, Wednesday in selected theaters.


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