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9 Works’ ‘The Last Five Years’ on its Last Weekend

For 9 Works Theatrical’s fifth anniversary and season opener—‘The Last Five Years’ is now nearing its last weekend. The musical stars Nikki Gil as Cathy Hiatt and Joaquin Valdes as Jamie Wellerstein; and is written by Jason Robert Brown.

Its staging is in an abstract set or probably accepted as postmodern theater design utilizes pastiche of various textualities and media forms.

Brown wrote Cathy’s story in an unusual and backward narration and Jamie’s in a chronological order as he brilliantly crafted the two characters’ interaction in one scene where they both ‘physically’ did a duet in the same scene—the wedding part as they sang ‘The Next 10 Minutes’.

‘The Last Five Years’ is a retelling of a love story that the audience can simply relate to and get to be disturbed; and agree that love is a matter of when and not why.

The musical isn’t the kind of a ‘Happy Ending’ type of love story, but it sure is ‘more practical’ and offers an uplifting conclusion. Brown simply describes that every break-up is not detrimental, but sometimes it is essential for two people involved in a relationship to go on separate ways, to grow and mature, somewhere.

Remaining shows are on August 29, Friday, 8pm; August 30, Saturday, 3:30pm and 8pm; and August 31, Sunday, 4pm at Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza in Makati City. To purchase tickets, log on to TicketWorld.com.ph.


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