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‘Songs About You’: Krissy’s Debut Solo Album is Now Out in the Market

In just a matter of five years, Krissy finally launched her first solo album titled ‘Songs About You’ under MCA Music via a Bloggers’ conference, which was presented by spinnr.ph, Pinoy magazine, and LionHearTV.net on Wednesday, August 6 at the MCA Music headquarters in Raffles Tower, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Though the songs in this album are most sad or sentimental ones, there is one that is a happy song titled ‘Weekend with You’. Krissy wrote all the original songs that are included with titles: ‘We Can’t Be’ (carrier single), ‘Piece of You’, ‘Distance’, ‘The Game’, ‘Don’t Forget Me’, ‘Gone Away’, and the piano version of the hit single ’12:51’.

Krissy started singing with her sister Erika when they were just 12 years old. However, she began writing songs between 2008 and 2009. During her duo with her sister—the songs ’12:51’ and ‘In Your Arms’ that were uploaded on YouTube earned them the celebrity status and million hits, which paved the way for them to guest on MYX.

Krissy also wrote all the songs in her debut album. These were written in the time of her mixed emotional breakdowns and joyful happenings back in 2013. Each song are her ‘unsaid words’ and ‘unexpressed feelings’ to the men she loved and dated.

Apart from the album’s personal attachment to Krissy’s journey in life; it also provides her listeners to identify with the emotions presented in the songs.

‘Songs About You’ is now out on CDs at Astroplus and Odyssey outlets. It is also available in digital formats via spinnr.ph and iTunes; and can be streamed via Deezer and Spotify.

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