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The Love Story of Gin and Bianca in ‘Hawak Kamay’

The series titled, ‘Hawak Kamay’ is doing quite well. It’s not just because Eugene ‘Gin’ Agustin (Piolo Pascual) is now acting as a ‘real’ father to the three adopted kids—Emong (Zaijian Jaranilla), Dara (Xyriel Manabat), and Ningning (Yesha Camile), but the love story of Gin and Atty. Bianca Magpantay (Iza Calzado) is blossoming.

Calzado and Pascual as Atty. Bianca Magpantay and Gin are seen dancing in one of the scenes of 'Hawak Kamay'.

Calzado and Pascual as Atty. Bianca Magpantay and Gin are seen dancing in one of the scenes of ‘Hawak Kamay’.

I have been following this series since it premiered on July 21 because of its relatable story. It doesn’t use any magical realism technique to entice its viewers, but rather chose to be more realistic in its approach. Gin’s struggles and his journey to becoming a responsible individual, which earned the trust of the people around him, including Atty. Magpantay.

But somewhere along the way, the two lead characters, Gin and Bianca found themselves comforting each other and supporting each other in their challenges.

However, it would be more interesting to note when Gin’s former girlfriend is back to sing his song composition as Meryl Ann (Nikki Gil). Whom should he choose when the time comes? Would it be Bianca or is it Meann? How would he react when he gets to discover that Meryl Ann and Meann is just one person? Would he still choose to go back to Meann’s arms or would opt to pursue his new-found affection toward Bianca?

Each week is becoming more suspenseful. It does not just provide a feel-good drama series for the entire family, but also make its followers feel giddy every time Gin and Bianca are together in a particular scene.

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