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Team Bianca versus Team Meann

Prior to the series’ premiere in July, we were already privy about the love triangle between the three lead actors—Piolo Pascual as Eugene Agustin a.k.a. Gin, Iza Calzado as Atty. Bianca Magpantay, and Nikki Gil as Meryl Ann a.k.a. Meann.

Gil as Meann and Calzado as Bianca, they are the two women in Gin's life portrayed by Piolo Pascual. Images courtesy of 'Hawak Kamay' page on abs-cbn.com's entertainment section.

Gil as Meann and Calzado as Bianca, they are the two women in Gin’s life portrayed by Piolo Pascual. Images courtesy of ‘Hawak Kamay’ page on abs-cbn.com’s entertainment section.

Personally, I support the two actresses—Calzado and Gil, but in the series—I had to make a choice as to whom I should be rooting for in order for Gin to choose and be happy, eventually.

Let me give you a brief background about the two female characters—Atty. Bianca Magpantay and Meann.

In the series, Calzado’s character is a typical toughie woman, but a softie inside. She is a woman with a past who tried to hide her past—having a child out of wedlock. Even if it’s against her will, she gave in to her dad’s wishes that her only daughter—Lorry (Andrea Brillantes) will be adopted as her ‘sister’ and not to be known as her real daughter.

However, things changed. There were circumstances that occurred, which she herself had to make a choice and take responsibility over her daughter when the real father—Jacob Caballero portrayed by Bernard Palanca showed up; trying to win her back and her daughter. Because of Gin’s prodding, Bianca came to terms with herself, braved the great challenge ahead of her, but in the end was able to convince her dad that she is capable of becoming a mother to Lorry, and not just being an elder sister.

Meann on the other hand, is a loving, understanding and giving daughter to her parents. Her traits made her the object of Gin’s affection and they even had plans of starting a new life together. She supported Gin during the guy’s low moments and even the dream of becoming a successful singing artist in the future. But one thing led to another, which she had to make a difficult decision of breaking up with Gin after the latter chose to stay behind and take care of the three adopted kids—Emong (Zaijian Jaranilla), Dara (Xyriel Manabat), and Ningning (Yesha Camile).

She got fed up with Gin’s many excuses and could not understand why he had to let go of an opportunity for a greener pasture; to work on a cruise ship. Even if it pains her, she had to fight it out and stand up again for the sake of her family; depending on her. Her sacrifices for her family and her giving-in to her nagging mother forced her to end her relationship with Gin.

Meanwhile, Gin and Atty. Magpantay found comforting and consoling each other in their trying moments. They were also drawn toward each other and ‘somehow’ had that ‘spark’ between each other until Meann showed up again as Meryl Ann, the singer who gets to interpret Gin’s composition for the record company called Top of the Charts.

Who will it be? Who should Gin choose? Are you for Team Bianca or for Team Meann?

Watch out for next week’s exciting episodes on ‘Hawak Kamay’.


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