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#HawakKamay is one TV drama series that offered so many Lessons

Apart from #SanaBukasPangKahapon, the TV series that featured #PioloPascual as the lead actor in #HawakKamay made me an instant fan. Though at first, I was vocal about being skeptic toward this series, but when it premiered on July 21—it has changed the way I view the series that developed by Ruel S. Bayani and directed by Jerry Lopez-Sineneng and Erick Salud.

What makes the show endearing was not just about Piolo, but I can’t deny the fact that I am a #Piolo-Izatandemfan when they assumed the roles of #GinAgustin and #BiancaMagpantay, respectively. Putting the young stars like Andrea Brillantes as Lorrie, Zaijan Jaranilla as Emong, Xyriel Manabat as Dara, and Yesha Camile as Ningning was a good move and it provided some of the tearjerker scenes. These kids became Gin’s adopted kids in the series and have touched the hearts of many, which made it not just an instant hit but it dominated the TV ratings battle on primetime slot.

A screen shot of the finale episode of the hit series - 'Hawak Kamay'.

A screen shot of the finale episode of the hit series – ‘Hawak Kamay’.

#GinAgustin is an Epitome of a Consummate Artist.

Being a writer, I can always identify with the #strugglesofanartist like Gin. He has essayed his role with so much credibility and he showed and even inspired people to pursue their #dreams as an artist no matter what the #challenges may bring them.

Gin vowed to commit with his craft and succeeded in the process. Coupled with his #simplefaithinGod, which need not be a hard-sell in believing in the power of a Supreme Being—he has made people to have a spontaneous and conversational type of praying when he gets to meet trials in life.

The writers in this series just knew exactly what to do in holding the intended audiences’ interests. Kudos to its creative team.

#ToLoveUnconditionally is the Highest Form of Love indeed.

Gin may not be the real father of the four kids in the series, he has genuinely portrayed a role that is charitable and loving enough despite his shortcomings.

It’s true that #realfamilies aren’t based on blood relationship alone. Filipinos know how to extend help and love to their brethren when the need arise and that’s how the show is all about. Gin may have struggled, but because of his own visions and dreams, he never wanted anything bad for the kids after he realized and committed himself to support them in his humblest ways possible.

Because of such love, Gin found true love and earn respect from the people around him including Bianca who eventually became his wife and those who questioned his capabilities as well.

#GreatEnding for the Series.

It is predicted that #Gin would die to make the show a complete tearjerker. But, when I watched its conclusion episode via @IwantTV, I was glad the creative team didn’t pursue its original plan of axing Gin’s character.

It could have been a moving one, but at least it chose not to have an ending that is reminiscent of #GMA7Nino. The #ABSCBNseries may have a #PayitForward theme, still it pushed the envelope further by not resorting to a more dramatic ending.

Even if Gin lived, the affirmations of the people around him were well-crafted and presented. It looked as if he was dead, but it was something that unexpected.

Hawak Kamay which ended last Friday, November 21 will forever be a series that etched in my mind and in my heart over the years and as I grow old as well. It is a series deserving of a citation, as a show that promotes love beyond families and relatives, but the love that God has taught us as the second commandment – to be one’s neighbors, too.


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