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‘Flor de Liza’ brings back the Memories of Two Popular Female Child Stars

Exactly 34 years ago, the story or concept of ABS-CBN Channel 2’s latest afternoon TV series titled ‘Flor de Liza’ comes back to life starting Monday, January 19 with its newest lead stars Ashley Sarmiento as Flor and Rhed Bustamante as Liza, respectively; as they take over the original stars of the said 1981 film—the 80s popular female child stars—Janice de Belen and the late Julie Vega.

Flor de Liza

Though the current director of the said soap, the master storyteller and blockbuster director—Wenn V. Deramase pointed that the ‘Flor de Liza’ they have created is far different from the previous one. According to him, the production just used the names of the two main lead characters; but the two girls’ backstories in the present-day Flor de Liza still mirrors the original.

In the remake, ‘Flor de Liza’ is a story of two girls who are daughters of Capt. Crisanto Maristela, a military man portrayed by Marvin Agustin. The two girls’ mothers are Jolina Magdangal as Florida or Ida and Desiree del Valle as Elizabeth or Beth.

Apart from being a story of two girls, ‘Flor de Liza’ is also a story of two mothers who are both willing to give their all just to make their daughters happy as they also love one man—the father of their daughters—Flor Maristela and Liza Maristela.

What made the new ‘Flor de Liza’ different from the Janice de Belen-Julie Vega starrer back then was that the statuses of the two girls were intentionally interchanged. In the film version, Flor was born in a wealthy family while Liza was from an average family. Liza being the legitimate daughter is the one who seeks more attention and love from her father as opposed to Flor who has been blessed with two loving and ever-present parents.

Like in the film, the two girls became best of friends, too. But as the story progresses, the real drama and tension build up especially when they are all faced to confront the hurtful truth.

Also in the cast are Carlo Aquino, Elizabeth Oropesa, Juan Rodrigo, Tetchie Agbayani, Edward Mendez, Lemuel Pelayo, Johan Santos, Joey Paras, Dionne Monsanto, Tess Antonio, Ronie ‘Atak’ Araña, and Nikki Valdez. Toto Sanchez-Mariscal IV is Deramas co-director.

For more updates, follow the show’s official social media accounts on facebook, twitter, and instagram.


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