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Jake Vargas topbills a Horror Flick

Kapuso actor Jake Vargas leads the cast of stars in a Neal Tan horror film titled ‘Bahay Ampunan’, opening on Wednesday, February 25 in selected theaters nationwide.

Vargas plays the role of Noel, a band member who got a break in working abroad along with his band members, but has the dilemma of leaving behind his adopted younger brother Eboy, who also became an orphan after their parents passed away from a vehicular accident. Leaving Eboy reminds Noel’s mother who left him in an orphanage and he doesn’t want to repeat that for the little boy. According to Tan, the story he wrote is inspired from a Manila orphanage that was destroyed by fire years back. In the story, Noel went back to the orphanage where he used to consider as his home and was considering of leaving Eboy to the take care of a nun and other loving and charitable workers, but only to find out that it was no longer a safe place to live in. Noel gets reunited with the people he used to live with including his childhood sweetheart named Diosa, but had to make a choice of pursuing the love he failed to nurture or run away the second time around. ‘Bahay Ampunan’ features Renz Michael, Martin Luigie Venegas, Elaver Pacatang, Maria Isabel Lopez, Isadora, Aleck Bovick and many more.


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