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‘Bridges of Love’ has the Right Mix of Everything

After the success of ‘Two Wives’ comes another series titled ‘Bridges of Love’ that is dubbed as a soap that has a ‘story like no other’. When it premiered on Monday, March 16—it created a lot of buzz since it brings together three Gawad Urian awardees—Jericho Rosales, Maja Salvador, and Paulo Avelino, respectively.

Of the four previous episodes—none of which bored me. Rosales plays Gabriel ‘Gael’ Nakpil, a man who dreams and who is willing to do everything just to make his loved ones happy and is hoping to realize his father’s dream [of him] becoming an architect. Apart from that, there is one thing that is lacking in him—he still feels guilty of losing his brother—Manuel ‘JR’ Nakpil Jr., who eventually became Carlos Antonio and is portrayed by Avelino.

Its Conflicts make the Audience Want for More.

In ‘Bridges of Love’, the conflicts presented two traditional breakdowns such as: man versus man (external) and man versus self (which is internal). It cannot be denied that for a story to exist—or at least be worth following—it must contain conflict[s]. Putting together the three main characters—Gael, Carlos, and Mia—it provided the right flavor for its intended audience to savor every bit of the scenes and episodes on its weekday timeslot.

In the coming days—the intersecting lives of the separated brothers and the center of their attraction and affection—Mia Sandoval, Salvador’s character would definitely further the conflict between the two brothers. One can expect a roller-coaster ride between the three main leads. The writers in of the series have brilliantly created the characters to contribute in moving forward the story and it make the audience effectively identify and appreciate the struggles presented.

Two Irresistible Leading Men.

Another winning formula in this series is having two equally gorgeous and intense actors—Rosales and Avelino. Having them as the separated brothers and are reunited by one woman, which serves as the literal bridge between the two ensure another hit for the TV network.

Jericho has proven many times over how good he can be in assuming certain roles and is predicted to his best ever after his stint on a previous drama hit series–‘The Legal Wife’ (2014). He is able to tackle the emotions needed for the ‘charades’ in his character’s journey. As for Paulo, even if he plays a ‘bida-kontrabida’ role—he is like any third party in Koreanovelas—as someone who is hard to let go and set aside.

A Gathering of Fine Actors.

Apart from Rosales, Avelino and Salvador—the series also include both Antoinette Taus and Edu Manzano as returning Kapamilya stars. The two stars will definitely play key roles in the newly-aired drama.

Also, Carmina Villaroel as Alexa Meyers is part of the lead cast members. Other actors in the series are Lito Pimentel, Maureen Mauricio, Malou de Guzman, John Manalo, Joross Gamboa, Janus del Prado, Max Eigenmann, Nikka Valencia, Justin Cuyugan, Jopay Paguia, and Manuel Chua.

Rosales, Salvador, and Avelino are the three leads in 'Bridges of Love'. Images courtesy of ABS-CBN as screen-captured via IWanTV.

Rosales, Salvador, and Avelino are the three leads in ‘Bridges of Love’. Images courtesy of ABS-CBN as screen-captured via IWanTV.

‘Bridges of Love’ is one series that guarantees another quality entertainment from Star Creatives written by Benjamin Lingan, G3 San Diego, and Henry King Quitain. Dado Lumibao, Richard Somes, and Will Fredo are the directors.

The Kapamilya Network very well know how to capitalize on pain and suffering as well as characters caught up in conflicts. It has the right mix of everything, if I may say so. Their writers understand the role of conflicts in both building a plot as well as defining the characters in their soaps.


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