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A Trending Site is in Need of Writers:

  • Do you really love to write (that’s the number one requirement) and blog regularly?
  • Do you go online at least 12 hours in a day for 7 days?
  • Passionate about breaking news or trending topics online?
  • Can write a minimum of 250-300 words, with less grammatical errors for fields like Lifestyle and Entertainment, mostly.
  • Doesn’t mind covering events for a particular site.
  • Prefers to be paid on a monthly basis based on the output (articles) submitted.

If you think you are the one we are looking for, please contact us the soonest and let’s have a profitable and beneficial relationship together. Please shoot me a query, here.


‘You’re Still the One’: A Film that tackles about Unrequited Love

From a riveting story and screenplay of Aloy Adlawan, the film titled ‘You’re Still the One’ is an attempt to present situations of ‘what ifs’ and unrequited love that involves between the Jojo and Ellise; both portrayed by Dennis Trillo and Maja Salvador.

The first tandem of Trillo and Salvador will definitely attest how both artists from rival networks (Kapuso and Kapamilya) have matured in tackling roles such as these.

According to Maja, in a bloggers’ conference, she described her character as someone who is focused and is willing to put off matters of the heart just to attain her goals and be an attorney one day. However, fate teased both Ellise and Jojo as their paths crossed, again. Complications even ensue as they find themselves caught up in a web of confusions on emotions and failed dreams.

Apart from the first tandem of Maja and Dennis onscreen, another first in the film is the inclusion of Richard Yap as Vincent. For Yap, his role is a far cry from his previous ones he has portrayed in the past and described Vincent as the man who is much willing to give his all to the one he loves and expects his love to be repaid by Ellise.

Also in the cast is Ellen Adarna sa Racquel. The film is graded B by MTRCB and is directed by Chris Martinez under Star Cinema and Regal Entertainment. It recently opened on Wednesday, May 27 in theaters nationwide. For more details, log on to this link.

Watch the trailer here.

#Forevermore’s Most-Awaited #Ending: Pleasant but Forced-Through

Kapamilya network’s top-rating series had its ending that made its avid viewers so as those who tried catching it online via #IWantTV glued to its final episode aired on Friday, May 22.

The nose-to-nose scene of Agnes and Xander. Image courtesy of #IWantTV.

The nose-to-nose scene of Agnes and Xander. Image courtesy of #IWantTV.

Frankly, I was like others who hoped for a ‘happy ending’ which did happen. However, the beauty of the soap’s last few scenes is the journey of all the characters involved, primarily that of the two leads–#Xander and #Agnes. Unlike anyone else, I didn’t feel sad for #Jay and for #Alex. Some points I didn’t like how the story was written [for its ending] are as follows:

  • Xander finding Agnes in the forest was quite predictable.
  • It was just too soon for the newly-established relationship of Xander and Alex to end just to accommodate the most-awaited ending—for Xander and to be reunited with Agnes.
  • Agnes’s departure for Japan was too fast as well. I think preparing to study in abroad would take quite awhile to complete paperwork and other requirements.

Yes, the choices of words in the dialogues were well-thought of. Even the respective speeches of Agnes and Xander were both moving. And the two pledging their love for each other again and starting their #forever again; amid the pouring rain atop the mountains was lovely as its story closes. There was a bit of confusion on the lines that Xander uttered before Agnes. He mentioned that he’s not not making any promise, but a vow. Can you please explain to me the difference between a ‘promise’ and a ‘vow’? In the dictionary, promise is defined as word, pledge, a covenant, an agreement. And vow’s synonymous to a solemn promise, pledge, or personal commitment. Now, tell me which is ‘impactful’? Just my thoughts.

The last scene showed Xander and Agnes doing their nose-to-nose way of expressing their affection toward each other. Image courtesy of #IWantTV.

The last scene showed Xander and Agnes doing their nose-to-nose way of expressing their affection toward each other. Image courtesy of #IWantTV.

Despite that, the #AgnesXander loveteam still reigned.