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It’s Ashley Ortega versus Gabbi Garcia

The following texts are lifted from an article written about Ashley Ortega and the suspected reasons why she was dropped out from her loveteam with Ruru Madrid.

Probable Reasons Why Ashley Ortega was Replaced by Gabbi Garcia as Ruru Madrid’s Partner?


Though Ashley Ortega may have some advantages as a commercial model, a former skater, and who entered showbiz at 13 years of age; to be paired to GMA-7 Kapuso’s ‘Protégé: The Battle for the Big Artista Break’ runner-up and now considered as the Network’s Teen Drama Prince—Ruru Madrid, still she was replaced by another female teen star and currently her co-star in a weekly comedy family-drama show titled ‘InstaDad’.

Here are some probable reasons why her tandem with Ruru Madrid didn’t pan out:

Her Features Didn’t Fit well with Ruru?

From a Chinese-Spanish-German-Filipino descent, her looks can be strikingly strong against the charming features of the young Madrid.

Back in the 80s, when Regal Films paired Snooky and Gabby Concepcion—it worked for a time, but it fizzled afterwards. Gabby was paired to a more Filipina-looking beauty named Lani Mercado, which has semblance on Gabbi Garcia.

Ashley’s Mayumi couldn’t beat Gabbi’s Marikit in ‘InstaDad’ since hers is the immature character as compared to the latter’s?

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