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Latest Article I wrote for BWW-Phils with Steven Silva as the Subject

Since same-sex marriage have triumphantly been legalized nationwide in the United States of America in June 2015, the musical that tackles about two gay men and their struggles of being accepted in society is relevant to what could be considered a breakthrough. BroadwayWorld.com Philippines interviewed Silva about his thoughts on gay marriage, gays in general, as well as his views about gay people.

Below is the excerpt of the article published July 20 on BroadwayWorld.com Philippines.


Silva as Jean-Michel in 9 Works Theatrical re-run of 'La Cage aux Folles'.  Photograph courtesy of 9 Works.

Silva as Jean-Michel in 9 Works Theatrical re-run of ‘La Cage aux Folles’.
Photograph courtesy of 9 Works.

BWW Interviews: Steven Silva Talks LA CAGE, Theater Adventures & More

Manila, Philippines–9 Works Theatrical’s production of LA CAGE AUX FOLLES, based on the 1973 French play by Jean Poiret, also the inspiration behind the film “Birdcage,” will have a return engagement at Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium (RCBC Plaza in Makati City) from August 15 to September 6 with TV star Steven Silva as Jean-Michel, the son of gay couple, Georges (Michael De Mesa) and Albin (Audie Gemora).

Thoughts About Jean-Michel

In an interview with BroadwayWorld.com, Steven shares what he learned from his character, Jean-Michel, Georges and Albin, and the people around them.

“I’ve learned or relearned that love is love. I found myself watching the scenes between Georges and Albin and forgot the mere fact that they’re two men.

“It’s their portrayal and the truth they give to their respective roles that reminded me that pure and unadulterated love is the main and only prerequisite for a relationship, and I think people will also see that when they watch this show. Another thing I’ve learned is that one needs to be true to himself whether people approve of it or not. It’s one way to instantly make life more happy and fulfilling.”

And like Jean-Michel, Steven is just as comfortable in the presence of gay men. “I am. I think it’s admirable how they can almost carry the qualities of both sexes in a single package.”

Silva plays the son of Michael De Mesa who assumes the role of Georges.  Photograph courtesy of Erickson Dela Cruz.

Silva plays the son of Michael De Mesa who assumes the role of Georges.
Photograph courtesy of Erickson Dela Cruz.

Experiencing, Exploring and Experimenting More

As an actor, Steven has no qualms about taking any roles.

“I think I always have to be open to tackle new and different roles. I read the script and see if the role would give me the chance to grow as an actor and if I could give the role justice.”

Winner of reality TV competition “StarStruck” aired on GMA, Steven admits it has been tough since GMA “let him go” recently; but he also embraces the fact that it’s also the nature of this business. He’s coping.

To read more of the article, click here!

Ping Lacson: Behind the Tough Image is a Soft-hearted Grandfather

Senator Panfilo M. Lacson is known to be a good-natured, but strict politician. Despite that, he has won the hearts of the Filipinos for his sterling and ‘no non-sense’ leadership as Chief of the PNP from 1999 to 2001. Little did the public know about him is that he is one soft-hearted grandfather to two of his grandchildren.

The senator admits that his spending quality time with his grandchildren is one of the moments he treasures, “I consider them as my priceless blessings.”

Grandfatherhood has turned him to be more understanding to children. His grandchildren ‘Thirdy’ of Jodi Sta. Maria and ‘Mimi’ of Iwa Moto has further made him more closer to children and this was evident with his work as the ‘Rehabilitation Czar’ of areas hit by Super Typhoon ‘Haiyan’ with a local name ‘Yolanda’, the strongest storm under the category 5 in recorded history. It has a total number of 6340 fatalities.

In fact he said, “This is the hardest of all my jobs.”

He is one tough individual that probably this nation needs. There is a clamor for him being the #NaisNgBayan.

In fact, the image he has projected in public has also attracted the entertainment industry to film his life stories twice. The first one was in 2000 via ‘Super Cop’ where he was portrayed by the late action star Rudy Fernandez and was directed by Toto Natividad. In 2013, he was portrayed by Robin Padilla as a senator forced to go on the run via ’10,000 Hours’ and was directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal.

Recently, one of the two political ads that were aired is the one titled–‘Let’s Go Ping’ where the jingle was based on the popular song ‘Pan Pen de Sarapen’. It featured kids marching and forming a letter ‘P’.

Both a disciplinarian but a loving grandfather to his grandchildren is one winning combination for a great leader. Lacson was born to parents who instilled basic family values, which he also instilled to his children and grandchildren. It is the same kind of legacy he wants to pass on the younger Filipino generation.

Such vision sets the Senator apart from other politicians gunning for the highest office in the land.

To know more about the Senator, visit his official website.

‘The Breakup Playlist’ teaches its Audience about Acceptance, Forgiveness

The Sarah Geronimo-Piolo Pascual starrer is a long-overdue team-up and has finally come to pass via ‘The Breakup Playlist’; it is making waves in the box-office as it earned 100 million mark as of yesterday since it opened on July 1 in theaters nationwide. Also, it boasts of the performances of both Geronimo and Pascual. Apart from the popularity of the stars that made the film a huge success, the tandem of Antoinette Jadaone and Dan Villegas as screenwriter and director is to be credited for it as well.

Geronimo is Trixie David is an aspiring professional singer who is pursuing law at the same time and falls in love with Gino Avila. Photograph courtesy of Star Cinema.

Geronimo is Trixie David is an aspiring professional singer who is pursuing law at the same time and falls in love with Gino Avila. Photograph courtesy of Star Cinema.

Pascual plays Gino Avila, the rock singer who discovered and mentored Trixie; and eventually develops feelings toward the young singer. Photograph courtesy of Star Cinema.

Pascual plays Gino Avila, the rock singer who discovered and mentored Trixie; and eventually develops feelings toward the young singer. Photograph courtesy of Star Cinema.

The film’s theme is reminiscent to the 2013 American musical movie ‘Begin Again’ which was written and directed by John Carney and starred Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo as lead stars. Another film that others find the local film is similar to is the 2007 American romantic comedy movie ‘Music and Lyrics’ with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore as Alex Fletcher and Sophie Fisher, respectively. Then there’s the musical play turned into a film in 2014 of the same title ‘The Last Five Years’ with Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan as stars and Richard LaGravenese as director, and as well the classic comics novel of Nerissa Cabral adapted into film of the same title ‘Bituing Walang Ningning’ and was directed by Emmanuel Borlaza with Sharon Cuneta as the lead star back in 1985.

However, what made ‘The Breakup Playlist’ a standout is its identifiable characters for the Filipino audience. The conflict between Trixie David and Gino Avila portrayed by Geronimo and Pascual, respectively was written by Jadaone (of ‘English Only Please’ and ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’) in a way that would hook the moviegoers and see themselves in the characters’ shoes. Despite the many perceptions that this film is patterned after the Knightley-Ruffalo film, I strongly disagree. The only semblance to it is the characters common interest—who are both musicians; while the ‘Music and Lyrics’ of Grant and Barrymore is also closer, but not quite enough. The Geronimo-Pascual film explores more on the rivalry of the musician-lovers and how they struggle to support each other’s dreams and fight their love against the people around them especially the parents of Trixie who oppose the relationship. Villegas as the director shines anew as he took a different route of focusing on how ex-lovers should deal with heartaches and how they should tackle the stage of moving on; weigh things if they should be giving themselves another chance by reconciling and becoming lovers the second time around.

Though Jadaone is known for themes on love stories that aren’t the usual route that most romantic comedy flicks have taken in its previous outings, this film is perhaps one that she has catapulted herself as someone who dared to tackle a braver journey for lovers after a ‘breakup’—by accepting and forgiving the strengths and weaknesses of each one. Another notable part of the film is its production design particularly the wall papers utilized in the scenes. Sarah for me, though slightly younger than Keira, the local star suit well with the kind of styling that the Hollywood star donned with in ‘Begin Again’. The off-shoulder tops were pretty much evident that parallels with Knightley’s character as Gretta James, a songwriter. Piolo’s styling can be compared to David Kohl, Greta’s ex-boyfriend character played by Adam Levine and it also suits him excellently as a rock singer, in fact, he didn’t have any difficulty with the role since he once assumed a closer character way back in his last TV series titled ‘Hawak Kamay’ as Gin Agustin.

There may have been violent reactions on Pascual being too senior to be paired with a much younger Geronimo. The way I see it was NOT OFF at all. Yes, ‘chemistry’ in a pair for a film may be a good factor for its success, but not necessary. In reality, anyone can fall in love regardless of age. Both, Sarah and Piolo were sensitive enough in bringing life to their characters as imagined for them by Jadaone. Pascual’s character is a combination of Dave Kohl and Alex Fletcher in a Filipino kind of ‘angas’ or arrogance, but still lovable.

Apart from the stars, the songs included in the film have made the film a must-see and something that moviegoers would want to watch again and again since these songs are endearing enough that touch the hearts of Filipino audiences. These are songs: ‘With a Smile’ by Eraserheads, ‘Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin’ by Kitchie Nadal, ‘Paano ba ang Magmahal’ by the two actors, ‘Bida’ by Sarah G., ‘Akin Ka na lang’ by Itchyworms, ‘Nagsimula sa Puso’ by Sarah G., and ‘Patawarin’ by Yeng Constantino. Both ‘Paano ba ang Magmahal’ and ‘Patawarin’ were popularly attached in the film due to the emotions that go with the songs so as the scenes that required the two characters to be emotionally- charged.

‘The Breakup Playlist’ is now on its second blockbuster week. It will have its international premiere in Caritas Community Centre, Kowloon in Hong Kong on July 12. All Kapamilyas in Hong Kong can catch the movie that day in the following screening times: 10am-12 nn, 1pm-3pm, and 3:30pm-5:30pm. Tickets to the screenings can be obtained at the following outlets:

JVP Marketing, Shop 367, 3/F, World Wide Plaza, Central – 2537 5806
Rainbow, Shop C13, 1/F, Planet Square, Hung Hom
Phone reservation – Contact 9743 7174

Watch the official trailer of the film here.