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Ping Lacson: Behind the Tough Image is a Soft-hearted Grandfather

Senator Panfilo M. Lacson is known to be a good-natured, but strict politician. Despite that, he has won the hearts of the Filipinos for his sterling and ‘no non-sense’ leadership as Chief of the PNP from 1999 to 2001. Little did the public know about him is that he is one soft-hearted grandfather to two of his grandchildren.

The senator admits that his spending quality time with his grandchildren is one of the moments he treasures, “I consider them as my priceless blessings.”

Grandfatherhood has turned him to be more understanding to children. His grandchildren ‘Thirdy’ of Jodi Sta. Maria and ‘Mimi’ of Iwa Moto has further made him more closer to children and this was evident with his work as the ‘Rehabilitation Czar’ of areas hit by Super Typhoon ‘Haiyan’ with a local name ‘Yolanda’, the strongest storm under the category 5 in recorded history. It has a total number of 6340 fatalities.

In fact he said, “This is the hardest of all my jobs.”

He is one tough individual that probably this nation needs. There is a clamor for him being the #NaisNgBayan.

In fact, the image he has projected in public has also attracted the entertainment industry to film his life stories twice. The first one was in 2000 via ‘Super Cop’ where he was portrayed by the late action star Rudy Fernandez and was directed by Toto Natividad. In 2013, he was portrayed by Robin Padilla as a senator forced to go on the run via ’10,000 Hours’ and was directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal.

Recently, one of the two political ads that were aired is the one titled–‘Let’s Go Ping’ where the jingle was based on the popular song ‘Pan Pen de Sarapen’. It featured kids marching and forming a letter ‘P’.

Both a disciplinarian but a loving grandfather to his grandchildren is one winning combination for a great leader. Lacson was born to parents who instilled basic family values, which he also instilled to his children and grandchildren. It is the same kind of legacy he wants to pass on the younger Filipino generation.

Such vision sets the Senator apart from other politicians gunning for the highest office in the land.

To know more about the Senator, visit his official website.


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