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Arnell, Ken: All isn’t Fair in Love Drama for Them?

In any relationship, nothing is perfect. Hugh Mackay describes it as complex. And the outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational. Indeed, indeed. On Saturday, August 1, an episode of StarTalk that featured the real reason behind the breakup of the once-engaged Arnell Ignacio and Ken El Psalmer.

Arnell is 51 and Ken is 34.

It was just in June that Ignacio announced his engagement with the rising singer Psalmer and just close to two months, the relationship ended, just that. Based on the interview clip on Star Talk, Ignacio already got to the point of ‘that’s it’. He couldn’t take having someone in his life and who will continue to cheat on him. In fact, according to sources (that I refuse to reveal) Psalmer had been cheating on him, which he also did in his previous relationships that were also from the entertainment circle.

Ken, is one classic example that any gay person who receives intense love that does not measure anything, which Arnell has allowed himself to be used just to advance the career of his object of affection. It was clear to Ignacio that he is going to be hurt in any relationship, but I guess, Psalmer isn’t just worth suffering for.

It is but sad to note that for someone who truly loves like Ignacio, still ends up heart-broken and hurt by the one he has given not just his heart, also his resources, his time, and his connections or network. It seemed Psalmer, is not even grateful to it, contrary to the statement he made in a video clip from the StarTalk’s segment.

Arnell is distraught, who wouldn’t be? He wants to make clear, he broke his silence not because he is going after the former gay partner but to put an end to what he has been doing to other prospective gay partners.


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