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Garcia, Ramsay sizzle in ‘Ex with Benefits’

Despite the controversial call to boycott the film ‘Ex with Benefits’ by the medical representative sector, who got offended by the characters portrayed by Coleen Garcia, as Arkisha, a medical representative who once was involved with a doctor played by the hunk actor Derek Ramsay as Adam–it still proves as a movie worth watching for its story. Both earned mixed reactions from those who saw its trailer where Garcia’s character was trying to persuade Derek’s character; that the product, a painkiller she is pushing is worth it and showed some naughty sexy scenes between the two actors.

Though the title may sound like the 2011 American romantic comedy flick that featured Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in ‘Friends with Benefits’—it has a totally different slant. It is about two ex-partners who parted ways 10 years ago, but the other couldn’t totally move on after the breakup even if the woman is just doing everything to win the guy; just to get the endorsement and name as the ‘Med Rep of the Year’. Unknown to Adam, it is all just a game.

It is quite funny for the writer of the Wattpad version of this movie named Ruth Mendoza a.k.a. youramnesiagirl, who played ‘Pontius Pilate’ when her story was totally revised by Star Cinema and was accused to project a ‘bad image for medical representatives; according to a certain Nikki Quisumbing, who posted an open letter to the Movie and Television Review Classification Board (MTRCB), asking to review its trailer and the film as a whole.

Frankly, it takes an intelligent and mature individual to separate personal issues from a fictitious work. Personally, I do not see anything ‘offensive’ about the character portrayed by Garcia. People should learn not to generalize things. The profession attached to a particular character in any story is not necessarily who they really are, and it doesn’t necessarily apply that medical representatives are ‘desperate’ and are willing to ‘prostitute’ themselves just for a particular promotion whatsoever.

Opening on September 2 in theaters nationwide, this Gino Santos-film will definitely be another hit for it tackles issues that many people may find it ‘shocking’, but little did most people know about—there really are some ‘shady’ stories behind. The film reunites Garcia and Santos after doing a movie together in 2014. ‘Ex with Benefits’ is Garcia’s launching film and teams up with Ramsay for the first time.

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