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Mae Cruz Alviar talks about ‘Must Date the Playboy’

(An Exclusive Interview)

Direk Mae Cruz Alviar directs the first original StarFlix on ABS-CBNmobile. Photograph courtesy of Direk Alviar's facebook account.

Direk Mae Cruz Alviar directs the first original StarFlix on ABS-CBN mobile. Photograph courtesy of Direk Alviar’s facebook account.

‘Must Date the Playboy’, ABS-CBN mobile’s first-ever StarFlix original film is one of the many things that Kapamilyas must take advantage with as it features the blockbuster loveteam of Kim Chiu and Xian Kim or KimXi (as coined) under the direction of Mae Cruz Alviar; as it premiered on Monday, August 31. This exclusive film, which is created specifically for Kapamilyas and for ABS-CBNmobile subscribers to enjoy quality entertainment at anyone’s leisure.

Alviar admitted that it was a challenge for her, “Since this is a maiden project of ABS-CBN Mobile’s StarFlix, it was a challenge for me in determining the format. It’s like a mix of TV and film. It’s new for me because I’ve never done anything like this.”

StarFlix Movie: An Advantage Rather than a Disadvantage!

Despite the fact that there are a lot of shows offered by ABS-CBN, the mobile film is not even in competition with the rest of the shows and the films it has produced and will be producing in the future. In fact, it has created more venues or platforms for its valued patrons and subscribers to have a variety of choices to spend one’s free time.

Direk Mae added, “So far, it is an advantage. The viewers can watch it at their convenience. There’s no screening time to catch. Just watch when you feel like watching it.

“There are also no advertisements that get in the way of the viewing experience. You can also watch it over and over again if you wish.”

In working with Kim and Xian, Again.

This is not the first time that Alviar has worked with the KimXi tandem. She has considered both not just as her artists, but as friends, too. She has also observed that, “They (Chiu and Lim) have matured more both professionally and in their personal lives. Though they have worked well together in the past, I see how their relationship has leveled-up.

“The change I noticed is that they are more comfortable with each other. Kinda like an old couple dynamics. They’re more honest about feelings and there’s a deeper understanding of each other. They are still so supportive of each other but this time with more sensitivity to each other. At work Kim is more playful and makes ‘kulit’ to Xian. She helps him loosen up. Xian on the other hand, has his serious moments and I see how he influences Kim that way. I see how they balance each other out.

Alviar’s Advice to Women Dating and Wanting to Date a Playboy?

Dating a playboy in life may quite be risky and is actually a no-brainer for others not to do it like the character of Tori played by Kim.

However, for Direk Mae, she doesn’t want to impose her way of thinking, but shares these insights for women who are dating and are about to date playboys.

“Get ready for your hearts to be broken! After all the tears, learn from it and be wiser in choosing next time.”

Also starring in the film is Jessy Mendiola as a manipulative brat but loves her friends dearly. Because of the blossoming relationship between Zach (Xian) and Tori (Kim), her friendship with Tori is challenged.

Alviar hinted, “Chloe always says: ‘What Chloe wants, Chloe gets’. Find out if she will still get what she wants till the very end. Will she choose friendship over her selfish and vindictive plan or will she give up Tori who is the closest thing to having a family?”

To complete the crazy cast is Matt Evans as Nathan, playing a gay character.

Watch the trailer of ‘Must Date the Playboy’ here:

For only 10-peso load a day, any ABS-CBNmobile prepaid subscriber and ABS-CBNmobile MHP subscribers can access the movie anywhere, anytime using the ‘IWantTV’ app in their smartphones. Just text ‘IWantv10’ and send to 2135 in order to access the film on 3G or through WiFi. There’s no need for additional Internet load.

‘Must Date the Playboy’ is based on the popular Wattpad series novel of the same title.

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