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‘Everyday I Love You’ in the Eyes of Direk Mae Cruz-Alviar

Mae Cruz-Alviar directs 'Everyday I Love You'. Image courtesy of Cruz-Alviar's facebook account.

Mae Cruz-Alviar directs ‘Everyday I Love You’. Image courtesy of Cruz-Alviar’s facebook account.

In an exclusive interview, Direk Mae Cruz-Alviar talks about her latest directorial job–‘Everyday I Love You’, her reunion movie with Soberano and Gil, after another romantic comedy film—‘She’s the One’, they did together two years ago. This time, the inclusion of Gerald Anderson as Tristan Montelibano, a laid-back ‘haciendero’ and as Audrey’s boyfriend who is in a coma–is enough to rock the boat and pique the interest of LizQuen’s successful team-up.

Opening on the 28th of this month, the latest offering of Star Cinema, a romantic-drama flick and another treat for moviegoers who go for such themed-stories. After the success of their tandem—both on TV and on the silver screen via their last outing—‘Just the Way You Are’, the LizQuen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil) loveteam is back with a rather more complex love story plus with Gerald Anderson as the third wheel.

Direk Cruz shares her thoughts on her three lead stars (Gerald, Liza and Enrique).

Since it’s not Direk Mae’s first time to work with Gerald, she has observed the growth of her actor, “I’ve known Gerald the longest and though he has always been a good actor, he has grown even more in the past years.

“He handles his character with more sensitivity now and that I think is his strength. His experience working with so many actors and directors on notable projects is his other strength; it has also helped him.”

On the other hand, she also describes the two other actors—Liza and Enrique’s development as individuals and as partners in their loveteam, “Enrique has always been serious about acting even in ‘She’s the One’. Even more so now… He is unfazed by the success of his recent projects and has kept grounded. He’s really open to learning and improving. His passion and humility is his strength. His openness about his emotions is also his strength.

The Love Triangle (L-R): Gerald Anderson as Tristan, Liza Soberano as Audrey, and Enrique Gil as Ethan. Photograph courtesy of Ted Claudio of Wazzup.Ph.

The Love Triangle (L-R): Gerald Anderson as Tristan, Liza Soberano as Audrey, and Enrique Gil as Ethan. Photograph courtesy of Ted Claudio of Wazzup.Ph.

“Liza’s strength is her depth even at such a young age. You see it in her eyes. Her innocence and honesty are also her strength. You get very raw emotions from her. She also values work and her professionalism is something to highlight with. She has honed ‘drawing’ her emotions which she used to have a hard time when she was new (and much younger).”

Bacolod: The Backdrop of a Love Triangle.

Though it was really required in the story and the city of Silay in Bacolod was the ideal location for the film, for it provides a friendly ambiance for the viewers to watch and imbibe so as for the cast and crew of the film, she also explored other neighboring places in the city. After all, the place wouldn’t be known as a ‘City of Smiles’ if it hasn’t impressed many of its warmth and its hospitality for the visitors.

Though she didn’t require her actors to study the dialect or the native tongue in order to be authentic, culturally; she mentions, “We decided to make them speak in Tagalog so that it would be easier for the audience to understand. I did insert a few Hiligaynon words here and there for the non-Negrenses. We also included actual Negrenses so they could deliver adlibs in their dialect.”

The shooting occurred in Silay and its neighboring places. She adds, “We went there twice. The first was in August and we were there for four days. The next was in September till early October. We were there for 11 days.”

Lessons from the Film?

Alviar, while filming, she has one thing to share for all the families out there in expressing love.

She says that the best gift a person could give to his or her loved one, “Though, it depends on the person but generally, it would be something the person may have mentioned to you in passing and given randomly. It is just a gesture to say—‘I pay attention to what you say and that I won’t wait for a special occasion to give it’.

Among the three lead characters in the film, it’s Enrique’s character—Ethan that she could relate herself with: “I have been hurt before and I put up a wall like him. It was hard to express how I feel and I used to open up to just a chosen few. Like him, when I found the right person, I learned how to give love more freely and to put the person before me.”

‘Everyday I Love You’ also stars Ariel Rivera, Aiko Melendez, Carmina Villaroel, Marissa Delgado, Liza Lorena, Carla Martinez, Eva Darren, Andrea Brillantes—to name a few. If people enjoyed the two Hollywood flicks—‘While You were Sleeping’ (1995) and ‘50 First Dates’ (2004), which have some semblances in terms of ‘conflicts’ between characters; this Star Cinema-produced visual feast is a sure winner as well.

The love triangle of LizQuen with Gerald is reminiscent of the ‘love triangles’ found in Koreanovelas where the third party is someone that viewers would be rooting as well in the midst of Audrey’s choosing for the ‘man of her dreams’ and ‘the man who makes her dreams come true.’

ToFarm Film Festival submission of entries, extended!

MANILA, Philippines—The newest ToFarm Film Festival that is organized and spearheaded by Universal Harvester Incorporated, which was launched in July this year with the theme—‘The Plight of the Farmer: His Trials and Triumphs’ has extended the acceptance of entries for three categories—full-length screenplay, informercial and a photo contest, respectively till November 16, 6pm.

ToFarm Film Festival official poster.

ToFarm Film Festival official poster.

All entries are expected to be submitted to ToFarm Secretariat Office located at HOC, 10th Floor, 158 P. Tuazon Avenue corner 7th Avenue, Cubao Quezon City.

A total of six films will be selected by the film festival committee, which is headed by international veteran and multi-awarded film and television director—Maryo J. Delos Reyes as its consultant and festival director. The chosen entries will be given grants for its production. Also, the entries for the second photo and infomercial contests with the theme—‘ToFarm: Farmers at Work’.

Interested amateur and professional writers, students, hobbyists, farmers, media practitioners, producers, directors and other individuals must submit the following requirements:

  • Duly accomplished 2016 ToFarm Film Festival form available on its site.
  • Synopsis written in Filipino or English (1 page, 12 pts font size, Arial, Double Space) on a letter sized bond paper. Please note that the synopsis and screenplay must not contain the name of the writer. The writers’ name will be declared on a separate sheet with the title of the screenplay.
  • Full length screenplays in Filipino (in 12 pts font size, Arial, Double Space on a letter sized bond paper.)
  • Résumé of the proponent/writer/director/producer
    Samples of previous work (if any) in DVD format

Entries must be submitted in four copies, properly labeled with the following information:

  • Title of the film entry
  • Participants’ name (Director/Writer)
  • Contact details

For more details, visit ToFarm official website, or email to tofarmfilmfest@yahoo.com or shutterscut@yahoo.com or contact +639176275557.

To access the entry form, click here!

Latest Article on BroadwayWorld.com Philippines – Exclusive Interview with Bart Guingona

The following texts are lifted from my article written for BroadwayWorld.com Philippines.

Actor-Director Bart Guingona talks about ‘The Normal Heart’

Bart Guingona is Ned Weeks in Larry Kramer's 'The Normal Heart'. Image courtesy of Actor's Actors Inc./The Necessary Theatre.

Bart Guingona is Ned Weeks in Larry Kramer’s ‘The Normal Heart’. Image courtesy of Actor’s Actors Inc./The Necessary Theatre.

Manila, Philippines–The restaging of THE NORMAL HEART, produced by Actor’s Actors Inc./The Necessary Theatre, closes today at Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza in Makati City.

BroadwayWorld.com recently sat down with Bart Guingona, the play’s director and one of its lead actors who plays Ned Weeks, an activist in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The character of Weeks actually acts as the alter ego of Larry Kramer, the play’s author.

Guingona’s Ned Weeks

In last year’s TV film adaptation of THE NORMAL HEART, directed by Ryan Murphy, American actor Mark Ruffalo played the role of Weeks.

About his version of Weeks, Guingona said, “We have very different temperaments. Plus we are working in different mediums. I’ve been told I’m more volatile and abrasive while he is a more vulnerable, more humane Ned Weeks.”

He added that as Weeks, “it entails special challenges.”

“I found particularly difficult about playing Ned Weeks was having to surface the very character traits I hate in myself–verbosity, pedantry, opinionated-ness. I pity all the people who have to deal with me offstage. I must be insufferable.”

To read full story, click here!