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Santa’s Little Surprises: Lancaster New City’s Way of Giving Back to its Residents

On December 19 and 20, both on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday), Lancaster New City had its special treat for the families and residents of the said family-friendly subdivision and dubbed as ‘Santa’s Little Surprises’.


NCR and Manila-based bloggers trooped to Cavite City to witness the momentous event despite the torrential downpour on its first day of gift-giving.  Families registered and let their children lined-up for the special gifts that Santa’s elves gave away during the two-day gift-giving event.


The bloggers were treated to a sumptuous buffet late lunch and was transported to tour around the thriving housing development in Cavite, which is a flagship project of PRO-FRIENDS that spans to more than 1,400 hectares, covering Imus, Kawit and General Trias.

The event is simply aligned to the realty company’s thrust: Creating Communities, Transforming Lives.

Ideal Yuletide Gift Ideas from Ystilo


What really hit me as a person are the words Tyra Banks once uttered: “Never dull your shine for somebody else.”

With that in mind, I thought that making people feel beautiful and confident at the same time, maybe the best Yuletide gift that one can give to his or her loved ones. Ystilo, a modern, Spanish salon concept co-owned by actress Vina Morales (Sharon Magdayao in real life) and Sheila Magdayao-Moreno is giving away these wonderful packages for their valued clients this Christmastime via its ’12 Gifts of Christmas promo.


  • Haircut with Hot Oil with FREE Cool Gel – Php449 (men – any length)
  • Haircut with Hot Oil with FREE Glossy Hair – Php599 (women – any length)
  • Magic Gel Ultra Whitening Hand Spa + Manicure with FREE Vanilla or Grapefruit Lotion (100ml) – Php499
  • Hair Styling with FREE Spray Net – Php599 (any length)
  • Manicure + Pedicure + Foot Spa + Hand Spa with FREE Vanilla or Grapefruit Lotion (100ml) – Php899
  • Hair Spa Essence with FREE Glossy Hair – Php999 (any length)
  • Hair and Airbrush Make-up with FREE Spray Net – Php1,699
  • Fashion Hair Color from Italy – Php1,999 (any length)
  • Color Wear Hair Cellophane from Italy – Php1,999 (any length)
  • Hair Rebonding with FREE Glossy Hair – Php2,499 (any length)
  • Digital Perming with FREE Curl Cream – Php2,999 (any length)
  • Keratin Blowdry Treatment with FREE Shampoo and Conditioner – Php2,800 (short) Php3,800 (medium to long)

For every 3,500 worth of services in a single transaction, clients are entitled to have a FREE Ystilo Salon Umbrella.

For more details, visit the Salon’s official website.

Amway Philippines, Figaro Coffee launches 3 Instant Beverages

When you say—Filipino, it is synonymous to a race of Achievers.

Names like Lea Salonga, Manny Pacquaio, Megan Young are just few of the most-celebrated personalities that gained international success and dubbed as Achievers; and the term ‘Achievers’ is a fitting product name for Amway Philippines and Figaro Coffee Company co-branded instant beverages—Achievers Coffee, Achievers Premium Cocoa Mix and Achievers Iced Tea with Stevia, launched via a Bloggers’ Event on November 24.

Figaro and Amway Bloggers Event 2

Since Christmastime is fast-approaching, these three products are just perfect as gifts to inspire Filipinos to become achievers in their own right(s) and encourage them to relax, to rejuvenate and to refresh through these three items.

Figaro and Amway Newest Product (17)

Achievers Coffee is sold at Php250 with 10 sachets in one box; Achievers Premium Cocoa Mix is sold at Php350 with 10 sachets in one box; while Achievers Iced Tea sweetened with Stevia is sold at Php300 and the sachets in one box can fix 16-20 bottles. Photograph is courtesy of Stanley Briz of ReZirb.com.

Relax with Achievers Coffee.

With this light brown packaging of Achievers Coffee, it can provide instant relaxation effect for people who are under too much stress or pressure. Its ingredients consist of sugar, non–dairy creamer, coffee powder, artificial flavors, Aspartame (a source of phenylalanine) and artificial color (tartazine).

It has this characteristic of a mild, creamy coffee wrapped in a sachet that can last a year when stored in a clean, cool, dry area at required storage temperature of (28-32°C).

Rejuvenate with Achievers Premium Cocoa Mix.

The word rejuvenate can simply be referred to revive. Having a hot chocolate drink that is totally rich in flavor and has that hint of dark chocolates with the right amount of sweetness and creaminess combined—would do the trick in providing that kind of pleasure-inducing chemicals present in Achievers Premium Cocoa Mix. Such compounds can act on receptors in the brain that release pleasure-generating neurotransmitters (like dopamine).

Its packaging is handy that comes in sachet forms and consists of sugar, cocoa powder, non–dairy creamer, milk powder, salt, thickener (guar gum), artificial flavors, and Aspartame (a source of phenylalanine) and artificial color (tartazine). Like Achievers Coffee, it also has a shelf life of a year when stored in a clean, cool, dry area at required storage temperature of (28-32°C).


Refresh with Achievers Iced Tea sweetened with Stevia (no sugar added).

Taste a real tea from an instant iced-tea sachet that combines lemon with a natural, healthy alternative to sugar—Stevia, from Stevia leaves. Since Amway and Figaro know the Filipino taste buds well—they only not concocted instant mixes for hot beverages but for cold beverages as well.

Each sachet consists of black tea powder (Camellia Sinensis), Lemon (Citrus Limonum), Stevia leaves extract powde (Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni), Tricalcium Phospate. It gives the drinker a hint of sweetness and bitter aftertaste; which is very close to a real and freshly-squeezed lemon. Its shelf life is for a year when stored in a clean, cool, dry area at required storage temperature of (28-32°C).


These three products are usually and practically an instant treat for every Filipino home. Both Amway Philippines and Figaro Coffee Company are reflections of being Achievers, too. Coming up with these—is already a great achievement.