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Dennis Trillo stars in ‘Lakbay2Love’

Set to open on February 3, a Wednesday, the film that centers on a forester and a biker in a romantic coming-of-age film titled ‘Lakbay2Love’, features Dennis Trillo opposite Solenn Heussaff as the lead stars. The story is written by Palanca-winner Layeta Bucoy and directed by Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil.


Trillo is Jay-R. the forester and a biker in ‘Lakbay2Love’.

Trillo plays Jay-R, also known as ‘Alamat’ while Heussaff as the lost and lonely Lianne.. Jay-R shares expertise about the environment and biking to Lianne and a special friendship starts to bloom between them. However, the budding romance got thwarted when Jay-R’s good friend Macky (played by newcomer Kit Thompson) surfaced as Lianne’s former lover.

According to the director, Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil there is no other actor who could play Jay-R with such confidence and passion,“He is the perfect Jay-R.

“We knew he was doing so many other things, but when he came to the set, he always knew what to do. Aside from that, he is 100% alpha male. He has no bad angle whatsoever. Dennis exudes mystery. He is a guy you cannot have, so you are hooked forever. And I am certain that those who watch our film will get hooked on Dennis as well.”

In the film, the actor’s ease is evident in the effortless way he pedals through rocky forests and hilly terrains. There is one unforgettable and breathtaking scene where Dennis’ character bikes up a cliff to do some soul searching.

For details about Dennis and “Lakbay2Love,” check out facebook.com/Lakbay2Love.


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