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Xian Lim holds a ‘Thanksgiving’ Gathering with Bloggers


Xian Lim intently listening to the questions thrown at him during a ‘Thanksgiving’ gathering for bloggers held at a McDonald’s outlet near ABS-CBN. Photograph is courtesy of WazzupPH.ph.

In an intimate ‘thanksgiving’ gathering with the bloggers on Tuesday, February 2 at McDonald’s along Eugenio Lopez Street, Xian Lim talks about stuff in order to finish the movie—‘Everything About Her’ with two equally great actresses—the Star for All Seasons, Ms. Vilma Santos and Angel Locsin. According to young actor, who is now considered as one of the promising actors in both film and on television—he had months to psyche himself and be able to be more comfortable as Albert in the film directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal.

Due to the box-office success of Star Cinema’s opening salvo film, he expressed his gratitude for the support of his fans and to those who took time to stand in line just to watch it.

Lim also, added and described his experience in working with both Santos and Locsin are something he will treasure and be thankful for in his showbiz career, “It’s a life-changing process.”

After finishing the film, all he could say to his character Albert: “Napakasama mong tao. You are so ungrateful. Marami kang hindi naintindihan. Mana ka talaga sa ina mong impakta. Nasaan ang puso mo?”

Another thing he gamely revealed to the online media that during the filming of ‘Everything About Her’—Angel and him had a pretty tough time doing the dance scene where Vivian threw a dinner for her closest friends, relatives and selected guests.

The 26-year-old towering actor mentioned that it took them (Angel and him) two days to complete the scene, in fact the singer and her guitarist were even having difficulty in accompanying them in the dance, “Nahirapan po talaga kami nun.”

“Si Angel lang po talaga ang may kasalanan ng lahat,” he jokingly remarked.

He added that he was too confident that he could pull off that scene easily because he has been dancing with the G-Force and underwent dance lessons as well as he does production numbers in ASAP. It was a surprise for him and Angel since a simple dance—they couldn’t even successfully manage to perfect it. It was only when Direk Joyce called both their attention that they both realized they were doing it the wrong way.

After the film—he is set to star another television series on the Kapamilya channel and is paired once again with his onscreen partner Kim Chiu via ‘The Story of Us’.

For a glimpse of the upcoming series watch the video.


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