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Yul Servo celebrates his birthday with his constituents

On Saturday, February 27, in front of Pedro Guevarra Elementary School in Binondo Manila, Councilor Yul Servo Nieto of the third congressional district of the said City mounted an event dubbed as ‘Araw Ko, Alay Ko: The Big Night’. The event was designed to celebrate the former actor turned politician’s 39th birthday.


Councilor Yul Servo Nieto is seen here proposing a City Ordinance in one of their Plenary Sessions in Manila City Hall. Photograph courtesy of Kathy Rivera.

Yul, who spent his childhood days in the previously mentioned public school where it stands on Madrid Street corner San Fernando Street—is also where he graduated from his elementary education. The event is one of his ways of giving back to his constituents for allowing him the chance to serve his people especially those who needed his services the most.


Servo is greeted by his constituents with a birthday cake during the event on Saturday night. Photograph courtesy of Jhayr Balboa,


Celebrities from three major networks graced the event to share the joy and the triumph of Nieto as councilor for three terms since his election back in 2007.

The Voice Kids Season 2 third placer under FamiLea—Esang de Torres did a song number. GMA Artists like Ash Ortega, James Teng and Elyson de Dios of Star Struck Season 2, Miggs Cuaderno, Katrina Halili and the Teen Drama PrinceRuru Madrid; TV5 artists—Mark Neumann and Akihiro Blanco of ‘Happy Truck HapPinas’ were also present to join the celebration. Servo’s co-talents in Productons56 IncorporatedWill Ashley, Joshua Tecson, Teen Force 56,Xyruz Cruz and The Masculados were in full support as well. The versatile actress Ana Capri performed a special number for the Councilor.

The affair also served as a venue for his announcement of his political plans this coming summer elections in May. He will be running as a congressman, which opens new chapter in his life as a public servant.

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