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Richard Quan: Still Going Strong All These Years

The character actor—Richard Quan has managed to stay in the Philippine entertainment industry for more than two decades now and credits his longevity in the said business because of his ‘passion’ for his craft. He is an actor who never let his fame get into his head, but maintained a low profile even if he has many times over proven his mettle for acting and has done important roles in the past.

Richard Quan

His Return to ‘Panagko Sa ‘Yo’ Remake.

In the recent remake of ABS-CBN’s hit teleserye titled—‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’—he was one for the three original cast members of the former series who have been given the chance to join the show again. Along with Jodi Sta. Maria, who played as Amor Powers and Amy Austria-Ventura as Belen Macaspac.

He played Governor Theodore ‘Teddy’ Boborol as Ian Veneracion’s rival in politics.

“One of the best experience sa 22 years ko sa industry, in a way, personal ang reason, I was part of the original PSY, I was hoping I’ll get a call from ABS-CBN and when I learned that meron remake pero sabi ko—malabo kaya naman when I got the call, I had to sacrifice two movies and another TV series (FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano) to accommodate them, nung first day ko nandun si Direk Rory Quintos at Direk Mae Santos na dating AD ng original, happy rin sila to see me.

“Iit was all fun and enjoyable working experience for me. The only challenge siguro is maintaining the character for five to six months, I created a character kasi na malayo sa personality ko and it opened up some opportunities for me like endorsement ng product,,etc, etc.

“With Ian naman as Eduardo, cool din katrabaho, di alam ng tao na kaibigan ko sa totoong buhay, on weekends we go motor-biking together, kaya when I posted a pic of us motor-biking sa social media, dami nag react.”


His Passion Sustains Him in Showbiz.

Though he is laid-back at times, he has to make himself motivated to keep the momentum.

He shares, “I don’t have conscious effort naman to be relevant, I just always stick to basic–discipline, hard work and still practice professionalism.

“I’m happy sa status ng career ko, In fact, ang gusto ko lang talaga is to maintain kung anuman meron ako ngayon, kaya kung aangat pa ang career ko, bonus na lng yun but of course very much welcome.”

He adds that his being passionate about his craft, makes him happy and contented with what he has at the moment. However, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t find ways to improve his craft. Whenever he gets the chance he always make sure to experience things to utilize it for the characters he is going to create or breathe into.

In terms of role that really made an impact on him as an actor was his first starring role in ‘Saan ka man Naroroon’. He owns it since he worked hard for it as his debut film which showed his excitement for the project—it was too ‘personal’ to him as opposed to his recent works, which is now more focused on delivering work as required by any project, but still ‘pssion’ is still there.


What More Can He Ask For?

At this point of his career, he is not in any rush to do projects but rather he is just waiting for the right material to get his to direct.

He hopes to do a film that will show the struggles of the Filipino as a nation and how ‘we’ deal with it. H wants something inspiring and will touch the  hearts of his audience. While in producing, he was able to produce three films, but he has to rest for now and resume doing it in the future.

Though he may have aged, he still is attractive and still appeals to certain barnds to endorse, which he has started to explore two years ago.

‘So far so good, nag lapse na ag contract ng iba pero me mga bagong dumarating.

And having that ‘Adonis’ look, questions on projects that require nudity still resurfaced. He has no qualms on doing it, “Anytime for as long as I believe and trust my producer, director and the project. Hindi siya exploitation na gagamitin for commercial purposes As if naman me interested pa sa katawan ko?


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