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#Kabisera’: Doesn’t Just Deserve a Front View, but the First to be viewed at #MMFF2016

After the star-studded red carpet premiere of the official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016–‘Kabisera’ on Tuesday, December 20 at SM Megamall Cinema 7, it proved to be a piece that spotlights values such as honor, trust and loyalty are some of the values that are tested amid the threats of exposing a Filipino family’s imperfections and how the members stood up for what is right and what is more important to them.


The comebacking, one and only Superstar–Ms. Nora Aunor leads the stellar cast members of the said film. Joining La Aunor are Gawad Urian Best Actors Ricky Davao and Jason Abalos, Urian Best Supporting Actor Menggie Cobbarubias, QCinema Best Actor JC de Vera, MMFF Best Supporting Actor Victor Neri, Sinag Maynila Best Actress Ces Quesada, Cine Filipino Best Actor Karl Medina, and Gawad Urian Best Supporting Actress Perla Bautista.

Nora Aunor is Mercy. She is the mother of De Dios clan which the plot of the story is based on. Aunor’s character is forced to take over the ‘kabisera’ (the principal seat) at the dining table in order to put together his family being under scrutiny in Philippine society.

Nora’s avid fans showed their excitement to the return of their idol via this film that attempts to present a statement for a family’s quest for justice and to regain dignity by sticking and standing up for one another. Even celebrities in the entertainment circuits supported the movie that befits a Queen like Nora.

Cast and crew of the #Kabisera are set to tour the nation and visit remarkable families who have been the ‘inspirations’ for the film’s plot. For a list of activities you may check Kabisera’s facebook page or visit its webpage via firestartersmanila.com/kabisera.


Also, Filipinos especially the youth are encouraged to catch the film during its entire run of the #MMFF2016 and help promote the very words of the country’s national hero—Dr. Jose Rizal who once said: “It is a useless life that is not consecrated to a great ideal. It is like a stone wasted on the field without becoming a part of any edifice.”

Let ‘Kabisera’ the first film to be viewed and be on the front rows to witness how a story about love and the strength of a family and what they can give when the most important people in their lives are threatened. Catch the Aunor-starrer film, opening tomorrow on Christmas Day, December 25.


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