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Finding You: A Rare Kind of Love Story

Hyperthymesia, also known as piking or hyperthymestic syndrome, is a condition in which an individual possesses a highly superior autobiographical memory (HSAM), meaning he or she can recall the vast majority of personal experiences and events in his or her life. This is exactly the theme of Regal Entertainment Incorporated’s upcoming love story titled–Finding You with Jerome Ponce in the lead role as Nel.

​Ponce is an individual who never forgets, literally and he has this rare condition called Hyperthymesia. But one day, there was this girl that challenged him because he cannot remember her. In the film, Jane Oineza is Kit, Nel’s girl best friend who helped him revisit his relationships and uncover who the mystery of the posts that starts with ‘Dear You’.

After Ponce and Oineza’s stint together in the remake of the 1986 Ricky Lee written film Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita into a TV series of the same time in 2015, this film (Finding You) is their reunion project. Both are joined by Barbie Imperial who admitted during the media conference that she’s thrilled to be in the film for it is her longest appearance with lines in a film.

The film is directed by Easy Ferrer and will be showing in cinemas on May 29.

Ai-Ai delas Alas lets go of Ex-Battalion

Ai-Ai delas Alas officially announced to the public her resignation as talent manager of Ex Battalion on May 15 at an intimate gathering with selected traditional and digital media.

According to her, she just waited for the Viva film S.O.N.S. to be shown and eventually decided to let go of the group after. It’s been long-standing speculation that she really wanted to let go of the group, but since she and the boys (Ex B) still has a movie, she had to find the right timing. It was out of decency for the production outfit. Since the movie was already released, she thought it’s time to bid farewell and severe her ties with them.


“Di ko na kaya ang stress. Di ko na kaya ang mga ginagawa nila,” shares delas Alas as somewhat a peek to what she has gone through in being the manager of the said group. “Ayaw ko nang madamay in case meron silang mga gagawin ulit na mga hindi maganda sa career nila, kaya magku-quit na ako para tahimik na rin ang buhay ko at hindi na ako ma-stress.”

She further reveals that it’s the way the group treats her, “Minsan walang respeto. Hindi nila ako sinusunod.”

The last straw she had to endure for the group was when they decided not to proceed in performing at the last grand rally of senatorial candidate Bong Go. According to her, Daryl Borja Ruiz, known professionally as Skusta Clee, didn’t want to take part in the gig then another member Mark Maglasang as Bosx1ne also disappeared and quit the group.

“Nahihiya rin ako sa mga tao na nau-oohan ko tapos biglang ayaw na nila.”

Her contract with them as a talent manager is two years, but she couldn’t wait for the contract to end anymore and had to cut it short only for a year and two months.

Does the Philippines still need Enrile in the Senate?

Juan Ponce Enrile may be the oldest there is politician alive in the country, but he has perhaps the longest qualifications a candidate for senatorship this May 11 elections.

But, what he did against the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) was probably the noblest because he is the only one who opposed in making this into law due to what he believed that the consumers must be protected from producers of electricity and not taken advantage on raising the cost of such need.


Today, ‘Manong Johnny’ as most people knew him, he admits that the political landscape now as compared to before is not that different except for the expenses spent for election campaigns. According to him, back in 1971, it only took him to spend Php400,000 back then as opposed to election expenditures today that it could amount to 400M.

Among the candidates running for senators, he has not subscribed to surveys, but rather he banks on his achievement since World War II until 2013, when he stepped down as Senate President and was voted as minority leader and in 2016, he finished his fourth term as senator.

This May 11, he seeks to be re-elected as a Senator in order to provide reason for Filipino citizens to be happy in getting the basic needs right.