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Filipinos can take Pride in SPVTOP’s World-Class Products

On Saturday, January 19, SPVTOP International, Inc., a multi-business organization launched its several products to provide opportunities for individuals to have financial success.

Among the many Genius Products presented, there were three that got my interest are: G-Bio Energy, the G-Minds or Genius Minds and The G-Webphone App.


Lower Your Electric and Gas consumption via G-Bio Energy.


Under this category are the G-Power Patch and the USB G-Flash.  Those who are heavy in electric consumption, G-Power Patch is a powerful item to remove electromagnetic flux and to reduce wire heating. In its small box, it contains six patches that are powerful enough to aid anyone’s needs in their electric usage and maximize any use of electronic gadgets in the most practical, safest and effective means. The USB G-Flash is a multi-purpose flash drive when inserted on PCs and laptops, it can speed up its processing is already a great come-on in itself. When plugging it into USB ports of cars, it can provide better performance, cooler aircon, easy acceleration and fuel efficiency as well.


Activate MidBrain and Attract Success via G-Minds and Genius Minds.

G-Minds is an amazing, safe and effective way of learning. In fact, if this one has been utilized in the film #BirdBox, then all of them can survive without even removing their blindfolds. Such method is done in one to two days and is designed to tap the full potential of the mind, by activating the midbrain in order to utilize the five senses. The said program is not limited to kids alone, but can also be applied by adults. Such practice started in Japan and has been used in different countries. To learn more about this, visit its facebook page on @spvtopgmindsofficial.


Contact Your Relatives and Friends Abroad via G-Webphone App.

g-webphone app

There is no need to make expensive overseas calls. Everyone is just an App away. The App has the ability to send an SMS, make an audio and voice call, do video conference, contact landphones and satellite phones without even requiring the other person to go online. That’s how convenient it is. Available for free, just download it from Google Play or App Store; to get started, just create an account; fill out the online signup form and input the Sponsor’s referral code; verify the account via Know Your Customer (KYC) and follow the red arrow and click the button. To make a call, simply choose the flag+area code+phone number.

Indeed, these products are dubbed as Henyong Produkto para sa Masang Pilipino. To succeed by kick-starting with what one can earn from the SPVTOP can offer, just logon to its website spvtopmarketplace.com.



Daniel Padilla endorses Shawarma Shack

One of Kapamilya’s prized jewels—the King of Hearts, an actor and recording artist Daniel Padilla as well as the real and onscreen partner of Kathryn Bernardo of the KathNiel tandem recently signed an endorsement contract with Shawarma Shack.

Daniel Padilla Shawarma Shack

Padilla takes pride in promoting this Proudly Pinoy company, which has grown its one food cart  concept to more than 300 stores nationwide  since its inception in 2015.

Like any Filipino, this comfort food has become an all-time favorite and Daniel is hooked with the its bestselling Shawarma Wraps and Rice.

Shawarma Wraps come in beef or chicken served in a warmed pita bread with cucumber, tomato, onion and three sauces; (according to the customer’s preferences) and Shawarma Rice meals come either in beef or chicken and served with cucumber, tomato, onion and three sauces as well.

KathNiel with Shawarma Shack

Shack boasts of its 60 company-owned branches and 290 franchisees. The company is committed to providing quality products and services to all its customers and making its buy-one-take-one concept a forever come-on, too. It is also the company’s vision to delight the Filipino foodies with a delightful and affordable fusion of Filipino-Mediterranean cuisine.

The brains behind the successful brand are Walther Uzi Buenavista, the president and CEO and Patricia Buenavista, the vice-president.


IMUREGEN: Another Health Supplement that Guarantees Real Results

More often than not, stress causes harm to humans and that is exactly what Imuregen, a health supplement that offers new means of strengthening the immune system and promoting cell regeneration. It is proven to be the most rejuvenating, immune enhancing, and tissue supporting regimens ever to be discovered.


Imuregen is one daily supplement that the human body would need since it can also support vaccines, which are considered to be cost-effective health care interventions. The said wonder supplement helps in preserving the human body in a healthy condition for as long a period as possible. It seeks to maintain one’s mind and body as mentally alert and physically active.

Taking Imuregen daily helps the body to defend itself from diseases and in increasingly unfriendly environment—it definitely guarantees real results. The said supplement deals with the cause of any disease or discomfort; but still leaves rooms for not being a panacea for resolving all medical issues.

The product is effective because it uses natural substances, such as essential nucleotides, amino acids, oligopeptides and trace elements, Imuregen is able to increase the body’s immunity and effect cell regeneration. Introducing into the digestive tract, it allows the body to absorb only the substances it needs for optimizing performance, avoiding stress and disease, and to improve metabolism. It also regulates the body’s stamina by modulating the cellular and hormonal function of the immune system.

With how the product’s performance as a supplement—it has shown and indicated significant health benefits from DNA and RNA component supplementation. It allows tissue regeneration, wound healing, endocrine gland repair, as well as intestinal integrity, maturation and bowel flora.

To know more about Imuregen, log on its official site.