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Lancaster New City: An Ideal, Real Homey Place for Filipinos

Perhaps the best way to start the 2016 is to invest for an ideal and real homey place for the family, which is offered by Property Company of Friends Incorporated or better known as PRO-FRIENDS via its family-friendly residential development in Cavite called the Lancaster New City. It spans more than 1,400 hectares covering Imus, Kawit and General Trias.


What makes this thriving subdivision in the South is its affordable and quality houses that suit the budget of any average Filipino family. Apart from that, the designs are modern and interiors can be custom-fit according to the resident-occupants’ taste and desires.





In Lancaster New City, it also offers St. Edward School that has a K-12 program and has campuses spread across the entire subdivision. Both St. Edward Integrated School and St. Edward Faith Community campuses are part of a school district that provides quality and inexpensive education.

The realty company makes sure that the families who chose to live in the said city, will also find more opportunities of advancement as its Suntech iPark hosts BPO Locators. Together with PRO-FRIENDS, the BPO companies will also open 1,000 job opportunities.

Any community today won’t be complete without a shopping and recreation centers as it will be housed at The Square and has WELLCOME supermarket for the residents.

Truly Lancaster New City is a proof of the realty company’s thrust: Creating Communities, Transforming Lives.

For interested parties, visit its official site.

‘Bridges of Love’ has the Right Mix of Everything

After the success of ‘Two Wives’ comes another series titled ‘Bridges of Love’ that is dubbed as a soap that has a ‘story like no other’. When it premiered on Monday, March 16—it created a lot of buzz since it brings together three Gawad Urian awardees—Jericho Rosales, Maja Salvador, and Paulo Avelino, respectively.

Of the four previous episodes—none of which bored me. Rosales plays Gabriel ‘Gael’ Nakpil, a man who dreams and who is willing to do everything just to make his loved ones happy and is hoping to realize his father’s dream [of him] becoming an architect. Apart from that, there is one thing that is lacking in him—he still feels guilty of losing his brother—Manuel ‘JR’ Nakpil Jr., who eventually became Carlos Antonio and is portrayed by Avelino.

Its Conflicts make the Audience Want for More.

In ‘Bridges of Love’, the conflicts presented two traditional breakdowns such as: man versus man (external) and man versus self (which is internal). It cannot be denied that for a story to exist—or at least be worth following—it must contain conflict[s]. Putting together the three main characters—Gael, Carlos, and Mia—it provided the right flavor for its intended audience to savor every bit of the scenes and episodes on its weekday timeslot.

In the coming days—the intersecting lives of the separated brothers and the center of their attraction and affection—Mia Sandoval, Salvador’s character would definitely further the conflict between the two brothers. One can expect a roller-coaster ride between the three main leads. The writers in of the series have brilliantly created the characters to contribute in moving forward the story and it make the audience effectively identify and appreciate the struggles presented.

Two Irresistible Leading Men.

Another winning formula in this series is having two equally gorgeous and intense actors—Rosales and Avelino. Having them as the separated brothers and are reunited by one woman, which serves as the literal bridge between the two ensure another hit for the TV network.

Jericho has proven many times over how good he can be in assuming certain roles and is predicted to his best ever after his stint on a previous drama hit series–‘The Legal Wife’ (2014). He is able to tackle the emotions needed for the ‘charades’ in his character’s journey. As for Paulo, even if he plays a ‘bida-kontrabida’ role—he is like any third party in Koreanovelas—as someone who is hard to let go and set aside.

A Gathering of Fine Actors.

Apart from Rosales, Avelino and Salvador—the series also include both Antoinette Taus and Edu Manzano as returning Kapamilya stars. The two stars will definitely play key roles in the newly-aired drama.

Also, Carmina Villaroel as Alexa Meyers is part of the lead cast members. Other actors in the series are Lito Pimentel, Maureen Mauricio, Malou de Guzman, John Manalo, Joross Gamboa, Janus del Prado, Max Eigenmann, Nikka Valencia, Justin Cuyugan, Jopay Paguia, and Manuel Chua.

Rosales, Salvador, and Avelino are the three leads in 'Bridges of Love'. Images courtesy of ABS-CBN as screen-captured via IWanTV.

Rosales, Salvador, and Avelino are the three leads in ‘Bridges of Love’. Images courtesy of ABS-CBN as screen-captured via IWanTV.

‘Bridges of Love’ is one series that guarantees another quality entertainment from Star Creatives written by Benjamin Lingan, G3 San Diego, and Henry King Quitain. Dado Lumibao, Richard Somes, and Will Fredo are the directors.

The Kapamilya Network very well know how to capitalize on pain and suffering as well as characters caught up in conflicts. It has the right mix of everything, if I may say so. Their writers understand the role of conflicts in both building a plot as well as defining the characters in their soaps.

Cinderella’s Magic of Having Courage and Being Kind

Many stories were told about the adventures of Cinderella, but with the latest offering from Walt Disney Pictures and produced by David Barron, Simon Kinberg and Allison Shearmur–it is one moving fairytale about the lead character named Ella or Cinderella portrayed by Lily James opposite Richard Madden as Prince ‘Kit’ Charming.

The teaser poster of Cinderella 2015 movie.

The teaser poster of Cinderella 2015 movie.

This 2015 American romantic fantasy film directed by Kenneth Branagh, from a screenplay written by Chris Weitz is reminiscent of the Disney’s 1950 animated musical film of the same name. It certainly borrowed elements from the mentioned film and is also inspired by the tale created by Charles Perrault with some references from the Brothers Grimm’s version.

In the film, after Ella was left orphaned and was under the cruel guardianship of her evil stepmother Lady Tremaine, which breathed into by Cate Blanchett. Ella had no choice but to also serve the two stepsisters—Drizella (Sophie McShera) and Anastasia (Holliday Grainger), respectively.

The former comfortable lifestyle of the lass has turned into a nightmare, but she still held on to her promise she made to her mom (Hayley Atwell) to ‘have courage and be kind’ and to her dad (Ben Chaplin) to stay in their ancestral home and take care of it.

The moral of the story is—the good will always triumph in the end. Perhaps, Blanchett’s interpretation of the role is quite refreshing as an evil stepmother and could rival Meryll Streep’s Witch in ‘Into the Woods’. However, the one thing that the Filipino moviegoers would love about this Cinderella re-telling is its element of being melodramatic in a good way.

Ella who suffered by the hands of Lady Tremaine displayed an admirable disposition until she met her fairy godmother played by Helena Bonham Carter (whom I would say I also adore here). She got rewarded after doing a good deed; she was able to attend to the Prince’s Ball and eventually met again with the man who captured her heart.

Seeing Lily James as Cinderella reminded me of two equally gorgeous and queenly bearing personalities—one is Megan Young the first Filipina to become the Miss World in 2013 and Julia Abueva who assumed the character in Resorts World Manila’s production of ‘Cinderella’ in 2013.

(L-R): Young was declared Miss World 2013 and Abueva alternated as Cinderella in Resorts World Manila's production on 'Cinderella', also in the same year.

(L-R): Young was declared Miss World 2013 and Abueva alternated as Cinderella in Resorts World Manila’s production on ‘Cinderella’, also in the same year.

James was perfect and moved with such ease and regal as Kit’s apple of the eyes. Many highlights in the film include the transformation of the pumpkin into a glittery coach, the lizards, the goose, and the mice to be her companion in heading to the ball in the Prince’s castle.

The blue gown glimmered as well as the glass slippers that seems to create varied colors when Ella wore it. The choreography in the ball, particularly the dance of Cinderella and her Prince Charming was splendid and impeccable in its movement.

Everything in the film—its cinematography, the detailed costumes, and sets were simply a delight and feast to the eyes for the moviegoers. Though the story has been told and re-told, one can still enjoy what this film can offer.

‘Cinderella’ opened on Friday the 13th of this month and is now showing in theaters nationwide. To know more about the film, click here!

Catch it today!