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What probably made Valerie Weigmann lessen Her Chances to Win Miss World 2014?

In the recently concluded Miss World 2014, held at ExCel London Exhibition and Convention Centre in London on December 14 as it crowned South Africa’s Rolene Strauss as the title holder; it failed the Philippines’ delegate Valerie Weigmann to duplicate her fellow Filipina’s success (Megan Young), who was crowned the previous year.

Weigmann poses by the Mayon Volcano, an active volcano in the province of Albay, Philippines. Photograph courtesy of Weigmann's facebook page.

Weigmann poses by the Mayon Volcano, an active volcano in the province of Albay, Philippines. Photograph courtesy of Weigmann’s facebook page.

The 25-year-old Filipina-German beauty queen who made it to as one of the Top 10 in ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ didn’t quite impress the rest of the judges for her to advance to the next round of the competitions. She was among the Top 25 finalists along with the beauties from Bolivia, Brazil, People’s Republic of China, Dominican Republic, England, Mexico, Guyana, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Sudan, Vietnam, Finland, Ghana, Kenya, Netherlands, Australia, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, and United States.

However, when the Top 10 was announced, Weigmann failed to make the cut. Why is it so? Pageant aficionados in the country had various reactions and observations and one of which is Weigmann’s gown.

For me, here are my observations…

She doesn’t look Pinay.

If Weigmann gets to stand side by side with other European beauties, she won’t stand out. She doesn’t uniquely exude the kind of beauty that most of the Philippines crowned queens would still be identified as ‘very’ Filipina.

Unlike Weigmann, Megan Young still is Filipina-looking despite her being half-American. Even the newly-crowned Miss Earth 2014, who is also a Fil-Am—Jamie Herrell, when you look at her in most angles—the Cebuana is very much Filipino-looking.

Back in 1993, when Ruffa Gutierrez placed Second Princess to Miss Jamaica; she stood out because she has that certain X-Factor and traces of being a Filipina is still very much evident in her features.

She speaks Too Fast.

Based on the video when she was presenting her advocacy for the finalists of ‘Beauty with a Purpose’—Valerie spoke too fast and wasn’t conscious about her pronunciation and enunciation.

English may not be her first language, but she should have been trained on how to say her words with precision especially in emphasizing a particular word in order to make an impact and great impression. On the other hand, when Young competed in the same beauty tilt—she exuded confidence overall.

Back then, she speaks clearly; beaming with so much confidence. Apart from that, she only chose to use the right words to create the needed impact with her advocacy, which Valerie hasn’t perfected.

Has No Queenly-bearing.

If we try to compare Megan Young and Rolene Strauss, both walk, talk, and even stand with such queenly-bearing. They both carried well their gowns. When both Megan and Rolene smile, it is obvious that they were not faking it or probably didn’t get to force it—just to make an impression.

Margie Moran when she won Miss Universe 1973—she was even predicted that she would win the title—it’s because her totality as a woman and as an ambassador of goodwill for the Philippines have further earned the respect of a goddess.

Perhaps, the next time when the Philippines get to send a candidate—these three traits should be part of the criterion.

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Another Cebuana creates a ‘Buzz’ in an International Beauty Tilt

MANILA, Philippines – After the 20-year-old Jamie Herrell, a Cebuana who was recently crowned Miss Earth 2014 on Saturday, November 28; another Cebuana, a 24-year-old financial analyst, Kris Tiffany Janson almost bagged the title Miss Intercontinental 2014 when she placed second runner-up to Thailand’s Phataraporn Wang on Thursday night, December 4 at the Maritim Hotel Madgeburg in Germany.

Kris Tiffany Janson almost bagged the title Miss Intercontinental 2014, but failed and settled to be named as second runner-up.

Kris Tiffany Janson almost bagged the title Miss Intercontinental 2014, but failed and settled to be named as second runner-up.

Janson, came in third, but also brought home the Miss Photogenic award.

She vied against other 71 contestants from around the globe to become a woman of power and grace, commitment and intelligence, style and substance.

Cuba’s Jeslie Mergal was declared first runner-up.

The Continental Queens were South Africa as Miss Intercontinental Africa, Philippines as Miss Intercontinental Asia & Oceana, England as Miss Intercontinental Europe, Cuba as Miss Intercontinental North America, and Argentina as Miss Intercontinental South America. Part of the Top six finalists were Miss Portugal and Miss Thailand after being declared tie with Miss Philippines for the Miss Intercontinental Asia & Oceana title.

Countries who made it to the Top 16 semi-finalists were: Puerto Rico, Canada, Ecuador, Brazil, Myanmar, Mauritius, Nigeria, Poland, and Turkey.

Special awards were also given to South Africa as Best in Swimsuit, Puerto Rico as Best in Evening Gown, Panama as Best in National Costume, Turkey as Miss Fashion and Style, and Canada as Miss congeniality.

Kris’s was asked final question: “If you would meet a famous person/celebrity, no matter still alive or dead, who would you like to meet and why?”

She replied with ease and grace, “If I were to meet a famous person, I would want to meet Malalai Yousafzai. She’s a kid who fought for her right for education. I may not be able to jump into a bullet to fight for my right but I do have a voice. And if I would be lucky enough to bring home the crown, I would have a louder voice and be the voice of the voiceless and use this to help more people and bring happiness and joy to other people.”

Currently, Kris is an entrepreneur and runs her business called the Mactan Dynamics Dance Company in Cebu. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California USA on July 12, 1994.

The Miss Intercontinental pageant is on its 43rd anniversary.

BUM’s Comikon-Themed Tops coming soon…

Personally, I find the upcoming limited edition tops of BUM dubbed as ‘Comikon’ series very timely and appealing not just to me, but especially to its intended market–the youth.

Wearing BUM's Comikon Collection series are the six youth brand ambassadors--Jane Oineza, Diego Loyzaga, Ella Cruz, Nash  Aguas, Miguel Tanfelix, and Bianca Umali. Image courtesy of BUM.

Wearing BUM’s Comikon Collection series are the six youth brand ambassadors–Jane Oineza, Diego Loyzaga, Ella Cruz, Nash Aguas, Miguel Tanfelix, and Bianca Umali. Image courtesy of BUM.

For me, coming up with a collection like this is reflective of what Spanish-Mexican cartoonist and writer, who is best known for his contributions to Mad Magazine and creator of the comic book ‘Groo the Wanderer’–Sergio Aragonés Domenech have once said, “Comics is a great medium to get a lot of stories out.”

When one gets to wear such tops–it will definitely project the kind of animals that the wearer would best identify with because of its ‘positive’ traits and there’s always a story behind the choice.

Soon to be released on October 16, get it from all BUM boutiques nationwide. For updates, LIKE its facebook page.