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‘Must-Have[s]’ or ‘Good-to-Have[s]’ are possible to acquire via ‘Things I Like’ App

Expressing one’s love toward loved ones is but just natural for any human, which probably is the key to creating such app called ‘Things I Like’ or ‘TIL’.


‘TIL’ is an application that enables one to see what his or her loved ones like. Thus, in the process, it also allows the viewer to post his or her own, anytime, anywhere.

Since Christmastime is just around the corner—this application could very well reflect the thoughts of William Wordsworth, an English romantic poet who once wrote: “Fill the paper [modified, but with more emphasis] breathings of one’s heart.”

Though Wordsworth said about ‘paper’, but with the advancement of technology these days and how humans [especially Filipinos] have become attached to social media, which has made the distance of humankind become more intimate and reachable by just simply clicking the button[s] online.

This app is a realization of not just simply telling people about one’s dreams, hopes, wishes and all—it is simply by showing one’s list of heart’s desires. It is also the newest way to discover, connect and share the things that one likes.

How one start to show his or her wish list? Simply download the app for free via Google Play. To install it on mobile phones, click here.

As soon as it is installed, one can start exploring the app and add one’s friends in his contacts just like the setup on facebook. One can even customize his or her friends by putting  or labeling them in a particular group.


Cherry Mobile’s Alpha Series is Coming Out Very Soon!

Cherry Mobile, the country’s leading value-for-money handyphone device brand, recently unveiled its Alpha Series that offers the latest tablet and smartphones for Filipino consumers who are looking for powerful, stylish, yet affordable Windows-powered gadgets via a launch held on Tuesday, September 9 at The Harbor Garden Tent, Sofitel Manila.

Alpha Smartphones

Cherry Mobile has three exciting models for the Filipino mobile phone lovers—the Alpha Style, Luxe, Play, and Morph. These are the first Windows smartphones and tablets that are produced and distributed by a local brand. Style (for the young techie with its four-inch 800×480 IPS screen, four gigabytes of memory, and 512 megabytes of RAM) and Luxe (for professionals who need powerful smartphones for work with a five-inch 1280×720 HD screen, eight gigabytes of memory, and a gigabyte of RAM) are the smartphones series with the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system priced at a whopping affordable price of Php 2,999 and Php 4,999, respectively. Both devices run on 1.2 gigahertz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processors and Adreno 305 graphics.

Alpha Tablets

On the other hand, Morph and Play are Cherry Mobile’s tablets with Windows 8.1 operating system. Both devices run on 1.33 gigahertz quad core processors and Intel Gen7 HD graphics. Morph, a 10-inch high-definition IPS screen priced at Php 11,999, and is the most productivity-oriented of the pair, coming with its own keyboard in-box, 32 gigabytes of on-board memory, and two gigabytes of RAM; and ideal for more mobile people. Play, which is priced at Php 7,999, is geared for a sleeker tablet experience with its 8-inch screen; designed for mobile play and media consumption, it has 16 gigabytes of memory, and a gigabyte of RAM.

Also, during the said event was the unveiling of Kim Chiu’s upcoming TVC for the said brand. The Star Magic artist and the lead star of ABS-CBN 2’s telenovela—‘Ikaw Lamang’ is the new brand endorser, too. With its vision of providing innovative, but affordable mobile devices for every Filipino lifestyle, Cherry Mobile developed the series in partnership with Microsoft, Intel, and Qualcomm. Also, Alpha Series Windows phones come with a free download of Office Mobile, while all Alpha Series Windows tablets come with a free one-year subscription of Microsoft Office 365 Personal. These Alpha series are ideal Christmas gift ideas. For more information on Cherry Mobile’s latest offerings, log on to cherrymobile.com.ph or visit the official Cherry Mobile Facebook page.