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When the Guilty becomes Defensive

How often do you hear ‘guilty’ people chose the defensive side?

For most, they think that it would help, but it won’t to be frank about it. It even worsen the situation.

Bosses, co-employees, partners in life, or even friends fell to such trap.

“Do you question my decisions?” cried a co-worker.

It’s quite funny to hear such a line. I was almost tempted to fire back, “Oh yes. Because you never ever made the right decision. All your work sucked.”

Recently, I also found myself in an email war. Any ‘paranoid’ boss would refuse to listen to my explanation. He was even saying, “Is that a threat?”

I was actually not threatening him. I was simply stating that I chose to accept a gig that would mean for me to work for twice a week. It was not a threat, but a statement or just simply informing him since I don’t really get paid for the rest of the days I rendered work. How will one consider it as a threat?

Then, another sales team member in our office, was trying to justify her actions of taking calls for her ‘own’ business. If you were the business owner, how would you feel? Would you be happy?

Here’s her defense, “Why make a big fuss over that call. The other employees even sit around there and watch videos on YouTube or do facebook?”

What a lame excuse.

If I am a business owner, I do not mind my employees doing social networking stuff as long as they are still effective and productive, but not compared to the defensive party who sucked in sales; never ever made a sale since she stepped on the floors of the company. No matter how she would justify her actions, she still hasn’t made a sale. Her excuses is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Before one should try to justify one’s action, one should examine himself or herself and prove such innocent claim.

It is pretty obvious that a guilty party most often than not resort to be on a defensive mode. It’s not helping.