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Sophia Bianca: Pursuing Her Personal Legend?

Growing up, Sophia Bianca De Vera‘s companion was the karaoke as her family loves to sing together as their past time and even in parties. 

Back then, she describes herself as shy and stiff whenever she gets to perform in an audience. But her voice coach, Annie Quintos of the singing group called The Company.  

De Vera chose to celebrate her debut, not in a lavish party but held a meet-and-greet with the selected members of the press to launch her single In Love’s Eyes instead.  The medals she bagged at the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) last year were the validation of her pursuing a singing career. 


She considers singing as her Personal Legend. A Personal Legend is about pursuing someone’s desire and passion to live a great purpose.

The universe conspired with Sophia Bianca as she met Grammy awardee, Gerard McMann and who now known as G Tom Mac. The latter composed her single. The single is a validation of all the things that she has worked on since her first contest on GMA-7‘s Eat Bulaga segment Music Hero.

As a young artist, she aspires to achieve the success of two artists Alicia Keys and as well as Asia’s Nightingale Lani Misalucha.

On July 11, Sophia Bianca flies back to the US to perform at the opening of WCOPA in Los Angeles County. Also, she will be shooting her music video in New York as well.

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Listen to her song now on Spotify.



Avon Rosales launches a Single; dedicates it to her Father

It has been Avon Rosales’s long time dream to make a comeback but this time it’s for her first love, and that is singing. Recently, she launched her single titled Hawak, which was Lexian Losley Avestruz, her aspiring director-friend.



According to Rosales’s, the core concept was Avestruz’s, both of them developed it through and along the process of its production, it was originally intended by the composer to make the song as a worship hymn until they both agreed that since they wanted to penetrate the mainstream audience–it evolved into an inspirational piece.

The song has become even more personal and its message can be relatable to a bigger audience.

Though its original intention is to highlight the Heavenly Father, which explains the title, which means grip in English or simply depicts the strong bond of God the Father toward His Son.

“I intently dedicate the song to both our parents whom can only give us that unconditional love in this world [perhaps similar if not close to the great love of our Father in heaven].”

She further highlighted that she used the father figure in the music video because she wanted to stress the authority and responsibility that the fathers in the world have.

As an artist and as a person, she described her life’s experiences are very similar to the  relationship she has toward her father as what was depicted in the music video. She admitted that when she was still in her teenage years, she once took for granted the love of her parents.

“There was a time that I rebelled and I thought my friends or even my boyfriend were more important than my parents as to the point of becoming disobedient.

“But life makes it a point that humans (including me) had to go through lessons in the forms of trials or challenges. But what’s hard to face and bear is the fact that people change, but in the end, there are those people who will never leave but choose to remain by their sides.

“The message I also wanted to send out to the youth, to love their parents.”

Avon  also revealed that the father-and-daughter relationship that was highlighted in the music video has semblance to her relationship with her father. The only difference is that her father is not a single dad because she still has a mom, too.

In fact, the music video has kind of reminded the time when she was heart-broken and she sought refuge in the arms of her dad. She hugged him. What she wanted to convey as well is that–children must not fail to express their love toward their parents.

Hawak is a pop rock track that is published through Viva Music Publishing Incorporated.

It is out via Spotify and all digital platforms. Its music video is also out on Viva Records Youtube Channel. Come June 28, Rosales’s second single will be released also under Viva Records titled Until Now. Two more songs will follow suit to be released Chances (Viva Records) and Maghihintay (Star Music) feat. by Lance Edward.

Glaiza De Castro launches her ‘Kapalaran’, pushes her dream to study Music in London

Kapuso actress Glaiza De Castro, who made an impressive performance in her portrayal as anti-Marcos dissident Cecilia Flores-Oebanda in the 2018 Filipino independent film Liway, launched her new single Kapalaran on May 31.

Kapalaran follows after her successful release of Magandang Simulain in 2017, with songs that gained more than a thousand streams on Spotify.

De Castro penned the song’s lyrics and composed its melody with her friend Alwyn Uytingco’s demo based on the latter’s trip to Japan. It inspired the 31-year-old female singer-songwriter.

Apart from the unique story that goes behind the song, Kapalaran is made more endearing due to the inclusion of spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo.

The launching of her new single also coincides with the turn of events in her life.

At 16, she realized, singing is her thing. She learned to play the guitar at the same age. Her entry to acting in showbiz was just coincidental, but she has no regrets about it. She is the type who goes with the flow wherever God would bring her.

De Castro attempted to revive her singing twice, but failed. First, she tried to enroll for music in Dela Salle University but wasn’t able to pursue it since she had to take on the role of Contessa on GMA-7 Kapuso network. Then she tried out for Elements Camp and got accepted. She thought to herself that even if it’s just a crash course in music; it is still good for her.

Fate wasn’t still on her side.

She had to back out from taking part in the one-week music camp for she needed to bank more episodes for her previous TV series.

On June 30, she will be leaving for London to study music production and music composition. For her, she intends to learn more about the techniques more than telling stories. She will be away from the country for three months.

Though it’s a risk on her end to leave her comfort zone, she is ready to embrace the challenge, “It’s part of my journey. Lahat naman tayo naghahanap ng mga bagong experiences, ng mga bagong adventures.”

Glaiza IMG 3.jpg

When De Castro was asked to pick three countries she has gone to, what could be the song titles she will create, she replied with Japan, Korea, and London. She made mention that if she is to compose a song for Japan, she will give it a title as Naze for Bakit. The Land of the Rising Sun is close to her heart since, in that country, she was born. Her parents were entertainers back then.

Then she added Korea because of her inclination with K-Pop. She is a big fan of G-Dragon that’s why she be giving the song the title of Dragon. Lastly, she chose London. Due to her fondness with G-Dragon, she came to love Whitby Street found in Shoreditch, East London. The said place was where the location of the music video of her Korean idol. She will name the song as Shoreditch.

Listen to Kapalaran on Spotify. For updates on Glaiza De Castro, follow PolyEast social media accounts via @PolyEastRecords on twitter, Instagram and on facebook, too.