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Does the Philippines still need Enrile in the Senate?

Juan Ponce Enrile may be the oldest there is politician alive in the country, but he has perhaps the longest qualifications a candidate for senatorship this May 11 elections.

But, what he did against the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) was probably the noblest because he is the only one who opposed in making this into law due to what he believed that the consumers must be protected from producers of electricity and not taken advantage on raising the cost of such need.


Today, ‘Manong Johnny’ as most people knew him, he admits that the political landscape now as compared to before is not that different except for the expenses spent for election campaigns. According to him, back in 1971, it only took him to spend Php400,000 back then as opposed to election expenditures today that it could amount to 400M.

Among the candidates running for senators, he has not subscribed to surveys, but rather he banks on his achievement since World War II until 2013, when he stepped down as Senate President and was voted as minority leader and in 2016, he finished his fourth term as senator.

This May 11, he seeks to be re-elected as a Senator in order to provide reason for Filipino citizens to be happy in getting the basic needs right.

Is FICTAP the Answer to Speed up Internet Connection in the Philippines?

On Thursday, May 9 at Max’s Restaurant in Remedios Street, Manila, a selected new media representatives met with the first nominee of Federation of International Cable TV Associations of the Philippines (FICTAP) Party List, Estrellita ‘Neng’ Juliano-Tamano.



Given the ranking of the country’s Internet connection, according to an article on CNNPhilippines.com, Based on the article written by Ver Marcelo, it said that the Philippines performed poorly on the speed and availability of long-term evolution (LTE) connection in the country, according to mobile network research firm OpenSignal.

The firm’s State of the LTE Report for November 2017 revealed the country ranked 74th out of 77 countries in terms of 4G speed.

Listening to Tamano of FICTAP, the only party list that pushes Internet, ICT VAS, Telecommunications, Cable, TV, Broadcast in Media–it has further opened my eyes how the article written by Marcelo was supported by her revelations.


For businesses in the country, having a fast Internet connection means a lot. Please see the benefits of having such.

But, here are some key points that businesses can take advantage of having fast Internet connection. Lifting form an article on Philistar.com, titled The Benefits of High-Speed Internet Access, For SMBs, the Net is a great source for ideas, advice and even inspiration of what direction the business should go. Also, having hhgh-speed Internet means that e-mails can be sent and received at any time, from anywhere. If e-mail is not the desired platform for discussion, there is also the option of having an online, Web-based video conference. This way, one can meet with all involved members, even if they are located far from each other

What is even more interesting about FICTAP is that, it seeks to push for Cellphone Users Act, in order to benefit and protect cellular phone users from veiled Unlimited promos.

Come Monday. May 13, if you are the type who see the urgency of addressing the nagging concerns about the Internt connection in the country, then FICTAP is the party list that should be voted. Look for number 117 in the election ballots.

To know more about FICTAP, check out the party list’s facebook page.

Aiko Melendez files libel case against Zambales Vice-Governor

In the morning of Tuesday, May 7, the multi-awarded film and television actress Aiko Melendez accompanied by her current boyfriend, the incumbent Subic Mayor Jay Khonghun and her attorney Carlo Bonifacio Alentajan in filing a libel case against incumbent Zambales Vice-Governor Angelica Magsaysay-Cheng at the Office of City Prosecutor in Olongapo City.


Melendez as the complainant filed a criminal charge for libel under Articles 353, 354, and 355 of the Revised Penal Code.

In the complaint affidavit, it stated that on May 2 of this year, discovered that Magsaysay-Cheng created a mobile video where it exhibited online postings on facebook and contained false, libelous and defamatory accusations against Melendez. But among the defamatory accusations, Melendez had to file the sais case after the accusation of “NO ToNarcoPolitics”.

The complainant submitted her medical certificate as attachment as Annex N, verifying the truth that she has a clean bill of health, contradicting the respondent’s allegation of illegal drug use.


Aiko’s current predicament can be remembered as Emilia Ardiente’s character, the antagonist in the TV series Wildflower and her role as Georgina in the award-winning film Rainbow Sunset.

“Parang dstiny eh. Beacause at the time, I was governor di ba? Now my boyfriend is running for vice-governor.  And there was a time na nagkaroon ng kaso si Emilia Ardiente na nagkaroon ng kaso kay bumaba ako as vice-governor.

“So related na naman para naku-connect-connect ko naman. Ano ba to? Parang Deja vu? Parang Emilia Ardiente ba talaga? Ano tagpu-tagpo eh.

“Even sa Rainbow Sunset naman mayor? So lahat ng ano, biglang nangyariso parang lahat connected, politics.”

Prior to getting caught up into this situation, she was supposed to run for Councilor, but she gave way to Khonghun. She still has intentions of running in the future.