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Sigrid talks about Her Upcoming Film UNTRUE; showing on February 19

On Monday, February 10, at Botejyu Restaurant in Estancia Mall, filmmaker Sigrid Andrea Bernardo had her separate and solo press conference for her upcoming psychological-thriller-drama film UNTRUE.


The film stars Xian Lim and Cristine Reyes and is set to open in cinemas nationwide on Wednesday, February 19.

During the Q and A, Bernardo shared her process of directing the film since her background in theater, “It involves pre-production and script analysis. There’s script reading with the actors and the staff so the whole team will be in one heart and in one mind.

“I believe that such a process is an effective way that should be applied in directing a film.”

As a filmmaker, she is known to be too meticulous and even have moments where she blew her tops, but what matters the most to her is that the ‘drama’ between her actors should be translated onscreen and not off-screen.

Untrue 0830

She appreciated her two lead stars for their professionalism since both are willing and committed to giving what is required of them in order to finish the film. She thought that the 10-day workshops have helped her two actors do well with their roles.

She added that the ‘rawness’ will not diminish even if her actors have overrehearsed certain scenes. For her, there will always be room for experimenting and that’s where the ‘rawness’ comes in.

Between KITA KITA which was shot in Hokkaido, Japan and this film with Lim and Reyes was shot in Georgia; she shared that the former was shot during summer when they were there. 

“That time, mas vibrant and full of colors. Even the story is light, but with Georgia as the backdrop of UNTRUE, I was drawn more of the mystery of it.”

As a filmmaker, Bernardo is known to do rrisqué films, thus for her future film–she thought of pairing Liza Soberano and Daniel Padilla in one project.


KIM JI-YOUNG: BORN 1982 is a Timely Film

The film Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 is a Korean film based on a fiction novel by Cho Nam-Joo of the same title opened in cinemas nationwide on Wednesday, February 12

KIM Ji-young, Born 1982_poster

Kim Do-Young is the director of this film adaptation with Gong Yoo and Jung Yu-Mi as lead stars. 

Kim Ji Young_Official Stills (9)

After Silenced in 2011 and the zombie apocalypse movie Train to Busan in 2016, this is the third film that both Gong Yoo and Jung Yu-Mi did.

Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 is a story that is worth telling and retelling. It is about shedding light on how one struggle of a partner can also be his or her struggle. It’s a chain reaction. 

Kim Ji Young_Official Stills (12)

Kim Ji-Young (Jung Yu-Mi) is an ordinary Korean woman in her 30s who is often distressed by her everyday life as a full-time mom and housewife. Although being married to the man she loves and the struggle of raising a baby girl has forced her to give up on many things, Ji-Young believes she is content in life. However, her husband, Dae-Hyeon (Gong Yoo), noticed that life is hitting the former harder than she has imagined.

Kim Ji Young_Official Stills (4)

The worried Dae-Hyeon consulted a psychiatrist after he found out that his wife Ji-Young began to speak strikingly similar to her mother, her best friend who died while giving birth, and her late grandmother.

The novel (to which the film is based) has sold more than one million copies in November 2018. It is one timely film that focused on mental health.

Also, the book will be published and translated in 16 languages, including British, French, Spanish and Italian.

Kim Ji Young_Official Stills (5)

This Viva International Pictures and MVP Entertainment-distributed is still showing.

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Bela Padilla, JC Santos in a ‘Notting Hill-like’ Film?

It was in 1999 when the British romantic-comedy film Notting Hill became a huge hit. It starred Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant as Anna Scott and William Thacker, respectively. Locally, Viva Films has an Irene Villamor film, On Vodka, Beers, and Regrets, with Bela Padilla and JC Santos as lead stars. 


Villamor is the woman behind the box-office hit films like for the Sid & Aya: Not a Love Story, Meet Me in St. Gallen, and Camp Sawi.


Its story is about Jane Pineda (Padilla), a washed-up actress and former child star in rock bottom situation. She struggles to get movie roles and tries to escape from a scandal. One night, she seeks solace in alcohol as she meets Francis (Santos), a band vocalist.

Somewhere along the way, both find a spark and enjoy each other’s company. Francis, despite Jane’s predicament, he is willing to risk and give in to loving the woman who is at a loss. 

Villamor’s film is JC Santos and Padilla’s third film together. Matteo Guidecelli is Ronnie in the movie. He shares the limelight with the two lead stars; he plays a famous actor who [sort of] has a ‘thing’ with Jane.


Viva Artist’s rising star Raphiel Shannon was asked to sing the movie’s soundtrack Mundo, the smash hit single back in 2018 by IV of Spades.

The romantic-drama film is set to open in cinemas on February 5.