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Alfred Vargas reveals His Insights about His Two Leading Ladies–Iza Calzado, Shaina Magdayao

Congressman Alfred Paolo Dumlao Vargas (a.k.a. Alfred Vargas) of Quezon City’s fifth district shared his insights about his latest film Tagpuan, which is one of the eight official entries to the first-ever Summer Metro Manila Film Festival 2020.


His latest film appearance was in iWant‘s Wild Little Love as Luis Pangilinan, the disciplinarian father of Sam (Andrea Brillantes). 

For him, acting is his passion. It’s his first love, “It would be more difficult for me not to do acting at all.” 

According to him, he couldn’t get his focus if he’s only doing politics; he thinks without acting–he’d go nuts. 

In an interview with Vargas, he detailed his relationships with the two female characters (Agnes and Tanya) in the film.

Tanya and Allan at Victoria Harbour

Agnes and Allan

Vargas is Allan.  A businessman who hides his emptiness by pushing himself to be successful in what he does. His relationship with Agnes (Iza Calzado) got compromised. In one of his travels, he had a chance encounter with an alluring and mysterious Fil-Chinese woman named Tanya (Shaina Magdayao).

He was quick to respond regarding his relationships with Agnes and Tanya, “”If I were younger–I’d go for Tanya. She’s adventurous, bold, curious, and passionate.

“If I were older, I’d go for Iza’s character. She’s realistic, accepting, patient, kind, forgiving, and understanding.”

The film’s original playdate is April 11. However, its exhibition is interrupted due to the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine.

Fluid: Entertaining and Not Imposing!

How does a straight woman feel about a series of heartaches brought about by men cheating in relationships? There is no doubt that women get exhausted and miserable. Benedict Mique in his latest iWant series, FLUID, stars Roxanne Barcelo as Mitch

iWant original series---Fluid---poster

Recently, Mitch had a bad break-up with her boyfriend, Jacob (Joross Gamboa). To help her move on, three of her girlfriends–Portia, Wings, and JM (Zar Donato, Emmanuelle Vera, and Joanna Marie Katanyag, respectively) agreed to help her.

Through Portia’s party, Mitch met George (Ann Colis), a tall, dusky, and gorgeous femme. They had a good conversation that led to exchanging SMS and eventually had dates.  

Untitled design (2)

Casting both Barcelo and Colis is perfect–as Mitch, the bombshell cakemaker-entrepreneur and George, the statuesque, freelance colorist. What’s impressive about Colis is that–in real life, she’s straight and the first Filipina to win Miss Globe 2015

Colis as a woman who pursues Mitch; her acting is effortless. She reminds me of two people I know. Jacob appears in the second episode’s tail-end while talking to Wings over a mobile phone conversation. It was such a cliffhanger for the audience to be excited about for the next episode.

What’s notable about Mique, he can present such themes with ease and entertaining at the same time. His work with Two Love You is a testament to such. Fluid is funny, but not something that is forcibly imposed and rammed into anybody’s throat. It was executed well.

Other memorable cast members in the series are Janice de Belen and Dylan Talon; they’re hilarious.

The streaming on iWant began on March 13. Episodes Three and Four are available on March 16.


SANA ALL: On Wines, Passion, Love, and Heartaches

After the success of On Vodka, Beers, and Regrets; comes another love story starring Meg Imperial and Arvic Tan as the lead stars in Sana All.


Both Imperial and Tan are reunited in the said film, and this time as the lovers who have issues they need to come to terms with. Their paths crossed because of one passion and that is the intoxicating rice wine called Tapuey

From the story imagined by JF Fulgencio and a screenplay by Enrique Villasis–the two characters met in a chance encounter in La Union.


Meg plays Iyam, granddaughter of Lola Ingga (Lita Loresca), a renowned Tapuey-maker in the town of Adams.  Iyam is about to take over their rice wine business, but the drink that she makes doesn’t meet her grandma’s standards. Lola Ingga points out that it lacks an important ingredient, and that’s passion.


Arvic, on the other hand, plays Syd, a guy from Manila who, together with his friend Joan (Andrew Muhlach), is on a quest for the sweetest Tapuey. His search leads to Adams, where he meets Iyam for the second time. 


Since Lola Ingga knows that Iyam is capable of producing best-tasting Tapuey because she had done so in the past. Lola Ingga and her grandson Timo (Pio Balbuena), Iyam’s cousin, are convinced that Iyam will regain her passion for Tapuey-making if she falls in love. Together they hatch a plan without Iyam’s knowledge about it. 

Sana All, which was shot entirely in Adams, one of the scenic gems of Ilocos Norte will open in cinemas nationwide on March 25. It is directed by Bona Fajardo