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Ken-Bie back in Each Other’s Arms via ‘This Time I’ll be Sweeter’

The KenBie tandem that was born out from the successful romcom series—‘Meant to Be’ is back to make fans feel giddy via their first-ever film together—‘This Time I’ll be Sweeter’ with Joel Lamangan as the director and is set for a November 8 playdate in theaters nationwide.



In the film, Barbie Forteza is Erika and Ken Chan is Tristan; they were college sweethearts that didn’t last long. Like in any relationship, the former was left too devastated about the breakup.



After years of being apart—fate allowed reconnecting the former sweethearts. This time—Erika as a field reporter and Tristan as the manager of his family airline company. Because of a tragedy in the latter’s family—it paved the way for them to be closer once again. Being a love story, this film does not only tackle the romantic side but one’s struggles of being in a state of depression.

Coming from a light type of series—both admitted that they had to make certain adjustments in tackling their respective roles who are placed in a more mature and challenging situation. Banking on their ‘intimacy’ as friends has helped them both in making their heavy drama scenes easy to approach.

Erika and Tristan’s love story is a classic example of what Nishan Panwar described about falling in love, “It is very easy, staying in love is a challenge, letting go is the hardest part, and moving on is a damn suicide.”

Together with them in cast are Thea Tolentino (as the third party in the second chance of the protagonists’ love story), Ara Mina, Rey Abellana, Yayo AguilaNeil Ryan Sese, Kim Rodriguez, Hiro Peralta, Akihiro Blanco, Jai Agpangan, Kaki Ramirez, Fiona Yang, Jon Leo and a lot more.


‘The Unmarried Wife’ reunites Panganiban, Delos Reyes, Valdez after Almost a Decade!

Based from the story of Keiko Aquino, and screenplay by Vanessa Valdez, the upcoming high-caliber drama film titled—‘The Unmarried Wife’ features three of the country’s finest actors—Angelica Panganiban, Dingdong Dantes and Paulo Avelino in the lead cast with multi-awarded film and TV international master filmmaker—Maryo J. Delos Reyes as the director; will open on Wednesday, November 16 in theaters nationwide.


Panganiban is Anne, a young woman who is stuck in her traumatic childhood past about love. Such inhibitions developed into reservations after she had her own marriage to the man she loves the most—Geoff portrayed by Dantes. And in every love story, it is most effective that if the damsel-in-distress, there is a knight in shining armor in the person of Bryan, breathed by Avelino.

After nine years, the said film marks the reunion of Panganiban, Delos Reyes and Valdez when they first collaborated in a Star Cinema film via ‘A Love Story’ back in 2007. Also, Direk Maryo returns to the said film outfit after his last project via ‘I’ll Be There’ in 2010.


According to Direk Delos Reyes, “I’m very excited to doing this film. It is a test of my skill on how to tell a story about relationships. ‘The Unmarried Wife’ is a different. It’s very timely and at the same time very important to be discussed.”

Together with Star Cinema, Direk Maryo along with Vanessa and the three powerful and equally intense actors—Angleica, Dingdong and Paulo; the film promises to change the way people perceive men being cheaters and women failing to be faithful in relationships.


Avelino in a bloggers’ conference mentioned that what makes the film different from other relationship-centered movies, “It is organic. It is like being a witness to conversations between couples; very at the moment.”

Alex Gonzaga-Joseph Marco: A Perfect Tandem in #MyReboundGirl?

This romantic-comedy flick titled—‘My Rebound Girl’ is Regal Entertainment Incorporated’s latest offering that opens today, September 28 with Alex Gonzaga and Joseph Marco as the lead stars.


If Julia Roberts was known to be the ‘Runaway Bride’ back in 1999 opposite Richard Gere, here in an Emmanuel de la Cruz film, Gonzaga is known as the #PambansangReboundGirl. She is paired anew with Marco after their almost real-life romance when they did a Kapamilya series—‘Pure Love’ back in 2014.

The younger sister of Toni Gonzaga shines on her own way as she delivers her brand of antics and dramatic prowess and provides a different kind of ‘kilig’ for the audiences as she being ‘Raquel’ or ‘Rocky’ meets the guy who will unexpectedly make her break the rule she made on ‘How Not to be a Rebound Girl’. Rocky falls in love with Rich (Marco) who’s trying to mend a broken heart and who entered into a business deal with her via a concept café called #PerfectBlend.

To make the film more romantic, it was shot partly in Benguet where coffee are also grown and posed as Rich’s location for their family coffee farm.

While doing business together, both will discover a ‘spark’ between them but Rich’s ex-girlfriend stands in the way of the blossoming relationship.

Also in the cast are Martin Escudero, Natalie Hart, Carl Guevarra, Alora Sasam, Mitoy Yonting, Nico Nicolas of Pinoy Boyband contestant, Anna Vicemte, Lawrence Yap and Helga Krapf.