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LizQuen Tandem is Back via ‘Dolce Amore’

One of the country’s phenomenal loveteam—‘LizQuen’ (short for Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil) is soon to hit the TV screens with a new romantic series titled—‘Dolce Amore’ (in English means ‘Sweet Love’) on Kapamilya’s Primetime Bida slot replacing the consistent top-rating series—‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ starting Monday, February 15.

Enrique and Liza (2)

Gil escorted Soberano during its red carpet event at ‘Dolce Amore’ grand press conference held on Wednesday, February 3. Photograph courtesy of StarCreatives.

Soberano breathes into the character of Serena, a lass raised in Italy by her adoptive parents. Despite the good life she enjoys, she seems not able to find peace without finding an important part of her true identity, which she feels is missing. On the other end, Gil is Tenten who also has the same struggles on his own life story as someone who grew up in an orphanage and is suffering from the pain of his real parents’ rejection.

Two different ‘worlds’ will collide as fate brought them together and will eventually find themselves that certain ‘bond’ and help them both find ‘meanings’ in their lives and fall in love in the process.

The two young stars will be reunited after their highly successful series—‘Forevermore’ that made the entire nation and even the Filipino communities around the globe go crazy as well as with their two hit romantic comedy flicks—‘Just the Way You Are’ and ‘Everyday I Love You’. Their upcoming series will have the kind of light feeling like that of ‘Forevermore’.

Matteo Guidicelli, a Kapamilya singer-actor will be the love triangle. He will play Giancarlo as Serena’s guy bestfriend who has secret admiration toward the lead female character. Also in the cast is seasoned and top caliber actress—Cherie Gil as Luciana, Serena’s adoptive mom.

Matteo Guidicelli (1)

Guidicelli is Giancarlo in ‘Dolce Amore’. Photograph courtesy of StarCreatives.

Also included in the cast are: Ruben Maria Soriquez as Roberto (Serena’s adoptive dad); while Edgar Mortiz as Dodoy, Rio Locsin as Paps, and Kean Cipriano as Binggoy—are Tenten’s simple but loving adoptive family; Sunshine Cruz; Andrew E; and Frenchie Dy.

‘Dolce Amore’ will be directed by two of the country’s finest and blockbuster directors of romantic-themed films and TV series—Cathy Garcia-Molina and Mae Cruz-Alviar.

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‘Be My Lady’ replaces ‘Ningning’ on January 18

The latest Kapamilya teleserye titled ‘Be My Lady’ premieres today, January 18 with real-life sweethearts—Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga as the lead stars. It is a romantic and light drama about an interracial relationship between a certified ‘dalagang Pilipina’ named Pinay and a Japanese-Brazilian hunk named Phil.

The series capitalizes on Three Ps.

The first ‘P’ stands for ‘Pag-ibig’ since the series is primarily a love story between Pinay and Phil. The series takes pride in the two leads—Gonzales and Matsunaga who will provide a different kind of ‘kilig’ for its fans and the televiewers for they will be as natural in their acting as lovers as opposed to other tandems on television today.

According to Ted Boborol, the director of the series, the DanRich loveteam is a delight to watch since both help each other in making their scenes together easy and not pretentious.

“Hindi pilit ang dating ng dalawa,” says Boborol.

The second ‘P’ is about the normal struggles of a ‘Pamilyang Pinoy’—to be able to provide better future for the family members, which pushed both Pinay and her mom—Marcy portrayed by Janice de Belen to work overseas for greener pastures.

While the last ‘P’ is for ‘Pangarap’ or dream or ambition of someone to making a difference in this world, the universe rather.

A Tested Formula.


The love story of Pinay and Phil is a tested formula that makes the ordinary ‘hopeless romantic’ Filipino would surely patronize.

It has a simple premise of boy-meets-girl but with unusual twists and turns in the characters external and internal conflicts alike. It also points out that love knows no boundaries—whether what kind of race two people have—the likely two people of different colors and cultures will still fall in love with each other, no matter what.

The DanRich tandem can be likened to a modern-day Romeo and Juliet.

JanPri: Another Tandem to Watch Out for.


Another interesting angle for the daytime audience to watch out for is the casting of both Janice de Belen and Priscilla Estrada.

It can be traced that both de Belen and Estrada have one thing in common and that is John Estrada. Janice was the former wife of John, who is now the husband of Priscilla as the latter opted to carry the last name of her husband.

Both women will portray mothers to Pinay and Phil, respectively. It will be intriguing to see both women carry their scenes together especially in dramatic moments as Marcy Crisostomo and Chelsea Oliviera.

‘The Breakup Playlist’ teaches its Audience about Acceptance, Forgiveness

The Sarah Geronimo-Piolo Pascual starrer is a long-overdue team-up and has finally come to pass via ‘The Breakup Playlist’; it is making waves in the box-office as it earned 100 million mark as of yesterday since it opened on July 1 in theaters nationwide. Also, it boasts of the performances of both Geronimo and Pascual. Apart from the popularity of the stars that made the film a huge success, the tandem of Antoinette Jadaone and Dan Villegas as screenwriter and director is to be credited for it as well.

Geronimo is Trixie David is an aspiring professional singer who is pursuing law at the same time and falls in love with Gino Avila. Photograph courtesy of Star Cinema.

Geronimo is Trixie David is an aspiring professional singer who is pursuing law at the same time and falls in love with Gino Avila. Photograph courtesy of Star Cinema.

Pascual plays Gino Avila, the rock singer who discovered and mentored Trixie; and eventually develops feelings toward the young singer. Photograph courtesy of Star Cinema.

Pascual plays Gino Avila, the rock singer who discovered and mentored Trixie; and eventually develops feelings toward the young singer. Photograph courtesy of Star Cinema.

The film’s theme is reminiscent to the 2013 American musical movie ‘Begin Again’ which was written and directed by John Carney and starred Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo as lead stars. Another film that others find the local film is similar to is the 2007 American romantic comedy movie ‘Music and Lyrics’ with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore as Alex Fletcher and Sophie Fisher, respectively. Then there’s the musical play turned into a film in 2014 of the same title ‘The Last Five Years’ with Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan as stars and Richard LaGravenese as director, and as well the classic comics novel of Nerissa Cabral adapted into film of the same title ‘Bituing Walang Ningning’ and was directed by Emmanuel Borlaza with Sharon Cuneta as the lead star back in 1985.

However, what made ‘The Breakup Playlist’ a standout is its identifiable characters for the Filipino audience. The conflict between Trixie David and Gino Avila portrayed by Geronimo and Pascual, respectively was written by Jadaone (of ‘English Only Please’ and ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’) in a way that would hook the moviegoers and see themselves in the characters’ shoes. Despite the many perceptions that this film is patterned after the Knightley-Ruffalo film, I strongly disagree. The only semblance to it is the characters common interest—who are both musicians; while the ‘Music and Lyrics’ of Grant and Barrymore is also closer, but not quite enough. The Geronimo-Pascual film explores more on the rivalry of the musician-lovers and how they struggle to support each other’s dreams and fight their love against the people around them especially the parents of Trixie who oppose the relationship. Villegas as the director shines anew as he took a different route of focusing on how ex-lovers should deal with heartaches and how they should tackle the stage of moving on; weigh things if they should be giving themselves another chance by reconciling and becoming lovers the second time around.

Though Jadaone is known for themes on love stories that aren’t the usual route that most romantic comedy flicks have taken in its previous outings, this film is perhaps one that she has catapulted herself as someone who dared to tackle a braver journey for lovers after a ‘breakup’—by accepting and forgiving the strengths and weaknesses of each one. Another notable part of the film is its production design particularly the wall papers utilized in the scenes. Sarah for me, though slightly younger than Keira, the local star suit well with the kind of styling that the Hollywood star donned with in ‘Begin Again’. The off-shoulder tops were pretty much evident that parallels with Knightley’s character as Gretta James, a songwriter. Piolo’s styling can be compared to David Kohl, Greta’s ex-boyfriend character played by Adam Levine and it also suits him excellently as a rock singer, in fact, he didn’t have any difficulty with the role since he once assumed a closer character way back in his last TV series titled ‘Hawak Kamay’ as Gin Agustin.

There may have been violent reactions on Pascual being too senior to be paired with a much younger Geronimo. The way I see it was NOT OFF at all. Yes, ‘chemistry’ in a pair for a film may be a good factor for its success, but not necessary. In reality, anyone can fall in love regardless of age. Both, Sarah and Piolo were sensitive enough in bringing life to their characters as imagined for them by Jadaone. Pascual’s character is a combination of Dave Kohl and Alex Fletcher in a Filipino kind of ‘angas’ or arrogance, but still lovable.

Apart from the stars, the songs included in the film have made the film a must-see and something that moviegoers would want to watch again and again since these songs are endearing enough that touch the hearts of Filipino audiences. These are songs: ‘With a Smile’ by Eraserheads, ‘Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin’ by Kitchie Nadal, ‘Paano ba ang Magmahal’ by the two actors, ‘Bida’ by Sarah G., ‘Akin Ka na lang’ by Itchyworms, ‘Nagsimula sa Puso’ by Sarah G., and ‘Patawarin’ by Yeng Constantino. Both ‘Paano ba ang Magmahal’ and ‘Patawarin’ were popularly attached in the film due to the emotions that go with the songs so as the scenes that required the two characters to be emotionally- charged.

‘The Breakup Playlist’ is now on its second blockbuster week. It will have its international premiere in Caritas Community Centre, Kowloon in Hong Kong on July 12. All Kapamilyas in Hong Kong can catch the movie that day in the following screening times: 10am-12 nn, 1pm-3pm, and 3:30pm-5:30pm. Tickets to the screenings can be obtained at the following outlets:

JVP Marketing, Shop 367, 3/F, World Wide Plaza, Central – 2537 5806
Rainbow, Shop C13, 1/F, Planet Square, Hung Hom
Phone reservation – Contact 9743 7174

Watch the official trailer of the film here.