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LizQuen Tandem is Back via ‘Dolce Amore’

One of the country’s phenomenal loveteam—‘LizQuen’ (short for Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil) is soon to hit the TV screens with a new romantic series titled—‘Dolce Amore’ (in English means ‘Sweet Love’) on Kapamilya’s Primetime Bida slot replacing the consistent top-rating series—‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ starting Monday, February 15.

Enrique and Liza (2)

Gil escorted Soberano during its red carpet event at ‘Dolce Amore’ grand press conference held on Wednesday, February 3. Photograph courtesy of StarCreatives.

Soberano breathes into the character of Serena, a lass raised in Italy by her adoptive parents. Despite the good life she enjoys, she seems not able to find peace without finding an important part of her true identity, which she feels is missing. On the other end, Gil is Tenten who also has the same struggles on his own life story as someone who grew up in an orphanage and is suffering from the pain of his real parents’ rejection.

Two different ‘worlds’ will collide as fate brought them together and will eventually find themselves that certain ‘bond’ and help them both find ‘meanings’ in their lives and fall in love in the process.

The two young stars will be reunited after their highly successful series—‘Forevermore’ that made the entire nation and even the Filipino communities around the globe go crazy as well as with their two hit romantic comedy flicks—‘Just the Way You Are’ and ‘Everyday I Love You’. Their upcoming series will have the kind of light feeling like that of ‘Forevermore’.

Matteo Guidicelli, a Kapamilya singer-actor will be the love triangle. He will play Giancarlo as Serena’s guy bestfriend who has secret admiration toward the lead female character. Also in the cast is seasoned and top caliber actress—Cherie Gil as Luciana, Serena’s adoptive mom.

Matteo Guidicelli (1)

Guidicelli is Giancarlo in ‘Dolce Amore’. Photograph courtesy of StarCreatives.

Also included in the cast are: Ruben Maria Soriquez as Roberto (Serena’s adoptive dad); while Edgar Mortiz as Dodoy, Rio Locsin as Paps, and Kean Cipriano as Binggoy—are Tenten’s simple but loving adoptive family; Sunshine Cruz; Andrew E; and Frenchie Dy.

‘Dolce Amore’ will be directed by two of the country’s finest and blockbuster directors of romantic-themed films and TV series—Cathy Garcia-Molina and Mae Cruz-Alviar.

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#Forevermore’s Most-Awaited #Ending: Pleasant but Forced-Through

Kapamilya network’s top-rating series had its ending that made its avid viewers so as those who tried catching it online via #IWantTV glued to its final episode aired on Friday, May 22.

The nose-to-nose scene of Agnes and Xander. Image courtesy of #IWantTV.

The nose-to-nose scene of Agnes and Xander. Image courtesy of #IWantTV.

Frankly, I was like others who hoped for a ‘happy ending’ which did happen. However, the beauty of the soap’s last few scenes is the journey of all the characters involved, primarily that of the two leads–#Xander and #Agnes. Unlike anyone else, I didn’t feel sad for #Jay and for #Alex. Some points I didn’t like how the story was written [for its ending] are as follows:

  • Xander finding Agnes in the forest was quite predictable.
  • It was just too soon for the newly-established relationship of Xander and Alex to end just to accommodate the most-awaited ending—for Xander and to be reunited with Agnes.
  • Agnes’s departure for Japan was too fast as well. I think preparing to study in abroad would take quite awhile to complete paperwork and other requirements.

Yes, the choices of words in the dialogues were well-thought of. Even the respective speeches of Agnes and Xander were both moving. And the two pledging their love for each other again and starting their #forever again; amid the pouring rain atop the mountains was lovely as its story closes. There was a bit of confusion on the lines that Xander uttered before Agnes. He mentioned that he’s not not making any promise, but a vow. Can you please explain to me the difference between a ‘promise’ and a ‘vow’? In the dictionary, promise is defined as word, pledge, a covenant, an agreement. And vow’s synonymous to a solemn promise, pledge, or personal commitment. Now, tell me which is ‘impactful’? Just my thoughts.

The last scene showed Xander and Agnes doing their nose-to-nose way of expressing their affection toward each other. Image courtesy of #IWantTV.

The last scene showed Xander and Agnes doing their nose-to-nose way of expressing their affection toward each other. Image courtesy of #IWantTV.

Despite that, the #AgnesXander loveteam still reigned.