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‘Made in the Philippines’: Anne Curtis’s newest single

Apart from her double platinum success of ‘Annebisyosa’, Anne Curtis will make history by being the first-ever Filipina recording artist to come up with a massive worldwide radio premiere via her latest single titled—‘Made in the Philippines’, which is composed by 3 Stars and the Sun (Billy Crawford, Jay-R, Kris Lawrence, Marcus Davis).

forbidden album cover1-2

Indeed, this 2014, Curtis is ANNE-STOPPABLE. She is the star of an iconic teleserye—‘Dyesebel’ on ABS-CBN Channel 2, an upcoming major concert titled—‘The Forbidden Concert: Round 2: Annekapal’ slated on May 16 at the Smart Araneta Colisuem, plus numerous endorsements and projects.

She will be having a worldwide radio premiere of her newest single from her upcoming album under her own wing–Annebisyosa Productions, distributed by Viva.

The following participating countries are:

  • United Arab Emirates – via TAG91.1 on March 28, 5am
  • United Kingdom – via Pinoy Radio UK, Italia, Espana, France, Ireland, Benelux, Nordic, Germany on March 28, 9am
  • Hong Kong – via Good Evening Kabayan on March 28, 9pm
  • Australia – via 98.5 FM on March 31, 8pm and April 1, 10pm
  • Philippines – via MOR on March 28, 6am; on Wave 89.1, 8am; on Star FM, 8:15am; on Love Radio 90.7 and Yes FM, 9:45am

Its music marketing and promotions is handled by ETalent Management and Entertainment.

‘Frozen’ with Fear

(A Review on Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures’ 2013 American computer-animated musical fantasy film)
In every story, the most common subject and successful element in pushing the characters forward is LOVE; and that is what Elsa, the cursed queen that has the voice of Idina Menzel was frozen all her years of growing up—enveloped with fear.

Queen Elsa couldn’t control her powers and turned the Kingdom of Arendelle into a winter ghost town as opposed to a wonderland. This happened when Elsa couldn’t manage her elemental abilities to create and control ice, frost and snow altogether when all the dignitaries in the world have come to witness the summer crowing of the Elsa as the new queen. The rift between the two sisters Elsa and Anna (Kristen Bell’s voice) ensued when the Queen didn’t allow the marriage of her younger sibling to Hans (Santino Fontana). Because of the Queen’s fury—she shocked everyone in her kingdom by turning it into a cursed winter place.

The film is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Snow Queen’, but writers Jennifer Lee (screenplay), Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee, and Shane Morris (story) have successfully made the story closer and identifiable to its modern-day audience. It has effectively referenced several landmarks in Norway like the Akershus Fortress in Oslo, the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim and Bryggen in Bergen. Other typical cultural Norwegian things were also included in the film, such as a Stave church, a Troll, Viking ships, reindeer and the equipment used to control these, clothing, and lutefisk.

The directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee did a marvelous tandem in this particular inspiring tale of two sisters and a story of true love.

Like in scriptures, it mentioned that the opposite of love is fear. Thus, Elsa is living in fear; as she has chosen to shut out her younger sister and became distant in the process. Though the film underwent several story treatments for several years prior to seeing the light to be filmed in 2011, the screenplay written by Jennifer Lee, and with both Chris Buck and Lee serving as directors—came out to be the best Disney animated musical since the studio’s renaissance era as the critics have given their approval, too.

One of the many reasons why this film worked after it went into several revisions in the past years—is the casting of Menzel, a Broadway veteran and Bell as together they proved their singing powers to be totally endearing and engaging. Two of the most popular songs in the movie are—‘For the First Time in Forever’ (a duet of Menzel and Bell) and ‘Let it Go’ (a solo by Menzel). The addition of Jonathan Groff as Kristoff, Alan Tudyk as the Duke of Weselton, Santino Fontana as Prince Hans, and Josh Gad as Olaf have provided more impact and appeal to the latest version of Andersen’s problematic story on ‘The Snow Queen’.

Given that it earned $134,253,666 at the North American box office and $55,900,000 overseas for a worldwide total of $190,153,666 when it ran during the Thanksgiving weekend; it was also second place to ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ and beaten ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ at the box-office records; there is no wonder that it would have a stage musical production in the near future. And perhaps, this can be re-titled as the ‘The Snow Queen and the Sunny Princess’?

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‘Dilaw o Pula’: A Revisited Play at PSF’s Theatre Fest

Its controversial nature was probably the ‘key’ to the late Rene Villanueva’s translation and adaptation of Manuel Puig’s novel titled ‘El beso de la mujer araña’ (Kiss of the Spider Woman), written in 1983, and had its recent local production as ‘Halik ng Tarantula’; but there is one play that could match its intensity, its sensuality and its humanity—Vince Tañada’s original play titled ‘Dilaw o Pula’.

Larena and Lim in an opening scene from the controversial adult exhibition one-act straight play by Vince Tañada of Philippine Stagers Foundation.

Larena and Lim in an opening scene from the controversial adult exhibition one-act straight play by Vince Tañada of Philippine Stagers Foundation.

However, after the dismay of the public on BB Gandanghari’s poor performance even with all the hype of the said production—it will have its scheduled provincial tour slated soon. Prior to that, the one-act play written and directed by Carlos Palanca Awardee in 2012 will steal the scene with its more substance, meatier, more serious tone, and fiercer take of the characters acted by Philippine Stagers Foundation’s (PSF) prized actors—Chris Lim and Kierwin Larena.

Benjo, a staunch supporter of the former President of the Republic of the Philippines—Cory Aquino shared the prison cell with Emil, a Marcos loyalist for many years. Despite their differences, the two developed a beautiful friendship, founded on love, proving that love is a natural human tendency that nothing and nobody can stop; an innate feeling that anyone could feel regardless of sex. As they compete for the single slot for pardon, the two realized that their love is far more important than their freedom. As the innocent one stayed behind the bars, the one at fault insisted that he’s undeserving. But he was left with no choice but to leave not only the cell, which he regarded as his home but also where the love he nurtured through the years.

Kierwin Larena plays Emil and Chris Lim plays Benjo in this one-act production, which was first mounted in 2012 and cited as the Gender Sensitive play for the theatre company’s annual festival of original plays. A two-character play that guarantees breath-taking dialogues and scenes that any audience won’t let go till it reaches its peak and its conclusion.

Chris Lim, Aliw Awards finalist for Best Director in 2008 and Kierwin Larena, Aliw Awards finalist for Best Actor in a Musical in 2010. Photographs by Dale Bacar.

Chris Lim, Aliw Awards finalist for Best Director in 2008 and Kierwin Larena, Aliw Awards finalist for Best Actor in a Musical in 2010. Photographs by Dale Bacar.

Like the ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman’, which was first staged in London in 1985 at the Bush Theatre, in an English language version by translator Allan Baker, starring Mark Rylance and Simon Callow—‘Dilaw o Pula’ is also set in a cell. The question is, will Larena and Lim’s portrayals match the actors’ sensitivity who portrayed in Puig’s piece? Will Tañada outshine Puig?

Also, what makes this one-act play interesting?

Tañada, opted to have two straight guys acting out the two characters, and expected to stir the audience’s curiosity; probably questioning about the two’s sexuality. ‘Dilaw o Pula’ is reminiscent to the 2005 film titled, ‘Brokeback Mountain’ directed by Ang Lee, adapted from Annie Proulx’s 1997 short story of the same title. It featured both straight film stars Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Is it a gay play?

“It is not,” Tañada was quick to defend. “But it’s up to the audience to decide. I expect that the audience would be more mature in understanding the material.”

Showing on Saturday, April 20 at Philippine Stagers Foundation’s home studio at PSF Studio, 4th Floor Vincent I Bldg, 411 Calabash A cor. G. Tuazon Street, Sampaloc, Balic Balic, Manila. For more details, contact +639273913447.