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‘Bilangin ang Bituin sa Langit’ to Showcase Three-Equally, Award-Winning Actresses in Philippine Television

Starting February 24 on GMA Afternoon Prime, the newest TV series will hit the screens with three of the country’s brightest female stars to headline the remake of Bilangin ang Bituin sa Langit.

Nora Aunor

Aunor is Cedes Dela Cruz.

Mylene Dizon

Dizon is Nolie Dela Cruz-Santos

Kyline Alcantara

Alcantara is Maggie Dela Cruz-Zulueta

Philippines’ Superstar Nora Aunor returns as Mercedes ‘Cedes’ Ignacio-Dela Cruz (no longer as Magnolia ‘Noli’ Dela Cruz vda. de Zulueta to which she breathed into the 1989 film by Elwood Perez) in the series. Portraying Aunor’s former role is Mylene Dizon as Magnolia ‘Nolie’ Dela Cruz-Santos. Meanwhile, Kapuso Breakout Star Kyline Alcantara is Margarita ‘Maggie’ Dela Cruz in this generation’s retelling of a classic story of love, persistence, and revenge.

Though different from the previous story, the very essence is still intact as envisioned by the creative director Aloy Adlawan and creative head Suzette Doctolero. The series creative consultant Kit Langit along with head writer Geng Delgado and writers Ken De Leon and Jmee Katanyag; as well as brainstormers Bylle Tabora, Milo Paz, and Jake Somera–make sure that the story will excite the afternoon viewers.

The series takes pride in its star-studded cast. 

Zoren Legaspi is Anselmo, Martina (Isabel Rivas) and Ramon‘s (Dante Rivero) conceited son. He has his ways around women. He pursued Nolie for his selfish gains.

Gabby Eigenmann is the eligible bachelor Arthur, a promising entrepreneur (who has eyes for Nolie).

Ina Feleo is Margaux, the classy and self-absorbed wife of Anselmo.

Kyline Alcantara-Yasser Marta

Marta is Alcantara’s love interest and both portray Jun and Maggie.

Jun, the charming and carefree son Anselmo and Margaux–is portrayed by Yasser Marta. He falls for Maggie, eventually.

Also in the cast are Divina Valencia as Editha, a rich widow who crosses paths with Cedes and takes her in and Candy Pangilinan as Connie, Nolie’s confidante who sticks to her through ups-and-down.

In the series, Ricky Davao is Damian, Cedes’ calm and charitable husband. He acts as the leader of the town’s small-time grape farmers.

Taking the helm of the series is Laurice Guillen.


Ponce, Andalio are paired anew in Wansapanataym’s ‘Candy’s Crush’

After working together in an afternoon series titled ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’ (NKNKK)—the two young stars—Jerome Ponce and Loisa Andalio are back as a loveteam in ‘Wansapanataym’s Candy’s Crush’ episode.


Loisa plays Candy while Jerome is Paolo, the apple of Candy’s eyes.

Both stars have come to like each other and the said project has given them the chance to be closer and be more comfortable with each other. Anadlio, at 17 considers Ponce, 21 as her older friend.

Though Jerome admits that he has a ‘crush’ on Loisa, the latter just blushes after hearing the lad’s revelation of feelings during a recent set visit attended by the press.

The said episode of ‘Wansapanataym’ will premiere today, June 26 with Andoy Ranay as director.

‘Be My Lady’ replaces ‘Ningning’ on January 18

The latest Kapamilya teleserye titled ‘Be My Lady’ premieres today, January 18 with real-life sweethearts—Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga as the lead stars. It is a romantic and light drama about an interracial relationship between a certified ‘dalagang Pilipina’ named Pinay and a Japanese-Brazilian hunk named Phil.

The series capitalizes on Three Ps.

The first ‘P’ stands for ‘Pag-ibig’ since the series is primarily a love story between Pinay and Phil. The series takes pride in the two leads—Gonzales and Matsunaga who will provide a different kind of ‘kilig’ for its fans and the televiewers for they will be as natural in their acting as lovers as opposed to other tandems on television today.

According to Ted Boborol, the director of the series, the DanRich loveteam is a delight to watch since both help each other in making their scenes together easy and not pretentious.

“Hindi pilit ang dating ng dalawa,” says Boborol.

The second ‘P’ is about the normal struggles of a ‘Pamilyang Pinoy’—to be able to provide better future for the family members, which pushed both Pinay and her mom—Marcy portrayed by Janice de Belen to work overseas for greener pastures.

While the last ‘P’ is for ‘Pangarap’ or dream or ambition of someone to making a difference in this world, the universe rather.

A Tested Formula.


The love story of Pinay and Phil is a tested formula that makes the ordinary ‘hopeless romantic’ Filipino would surely patronize.

It has a simple premise of boy-meets-girl but with unusual twists and turns in the characters external and internal conflicts alike. It also points out that love knows no boundaries—whether what kind of race two people have—the likely two people of different colors and cultures will still fall in love with each other, no matter what.

The DanRich tandem can be likened to a modern-day Romeo and Juliet.

JanPri: Another Tandem to Watch Out for.


Another interesting angle for the daytime audience to watch out for is the casting of both Janice de Belen and Priscilla Estrada.

It can be traced that both de Belen and Estrada have one thing in common and that is John Estrada. Janice was the former wife of John, who is now the husband of Priscilla as the latter opted to carry the last name of her husband.

Both women will portray mothers to Pinay and Phil, respectively. It will be intriguing to see both women carry their scenes together especially in dramatic moments as Marcy Crisostomo and Chelsea Oliviera.