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What is Vico Sotto’s Agenda?

To most people outside of Pasig City, Vico Sotto is perhaps another familiar personality who wants to break into the political scene. However, to Pasiguenos, he’s the contrary and he’s their deliverer. Apart from being the son of Philippine TV noontime variety host Vic Sotto and seasoned, multi-awarded actress Coney Reyes, Vico is no stranger to the said field of politics.

According to him, he was exposed to governance through his half-brother LA Mumar, who’s 11 years senior than him, “He was one of my biggest influences is my LA. Whatever he learned from his classes in college, he was pursuing developmental studies, he would teach it to me and he would even make a quiz from what he taught me to see if I really did read and understand what I was reading.

Vico Sotto

“The very early age, I was already exposed to government-related subjects. Though I was only 10-11 years old and didn’t have the grasp of the matter, still the interest didn’t wane. It further developed my passion for good governance.”


Sotto finished AB Political Science at the Ateneo de Manila University and earned his Master’s Degree in Public Management at Ateneo School of Government as well. He served his first term as councilor for Pasig and succeeded in promoting and passing the Pasig Transparency Ordinance, the first local law on Freedom of Information in Metro Manila.


As a mayoralty candidate to the Eusebio-ruled city, he knew in his heart that he is up for a great challenge, but he is someone who will stand and fight against anything that is irregular in governing the city. For him, it’s about time for new breed of leaders like him, new, fresh and who aren’t disillusioned about politics who will stand for better ways of governance.

Most politicians during campaign period, they are ‘OPMs’ short for ‘Oh, Promise Me’, is he like them?

He was quick to say that he is not the type to make many promises, but what he assures his constituents in Pasig that with his number one commitment, “Wala pong mapupunta sa sa bulsa ko kundi ang suweldo ko.”


At 29, he is not the type who will back out due to threats and coercions. He is committed to standing up for what is right. What he banked on is the piece of advice that his parents (Vic and Coney) always remind him of–is to pray al the time and never forget God.

He is aware that going up against the Eusebios is a great challenge because of his opponent’s well-oiled machinery. He painted scenarios that even in posting tarpaulins and other campaign paraphernalias are all over the city especially in houses whether these stuff have  permission to post or not. But, one thing for sure is that he saw Pasiguenos are all ready for a leap of change.

His slogan: ‘Walang palakasan, walang pananakot, malinis na gobyerno’ is stronger than any existing political machinery that his opponent has.

What is admirable about this young politician is his belief on people’s participation council, “Naniniwala po ako na ang susi sa inklusibong (inclusive) pag-unlad ay ang pakikilahok ng taumbayan sa paggu-gobyerno.

“Puwede kasing magkaroon ng pag-unlad ang isang lungsod na hindi naman kasama ang nasa laylayan. May mayayaman pero ang mahihirap, mahihirap pa rin. Kaya dapat ang pag-unlad natin yung inklusibo.”

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It’s Ashley Ortega versus Gabbi Garcia

The following texts are lifted from an article written about Ashley Ortega and the suspected reasons why she was dropped out from her loveteam with Ruru Madrid.

Probable Reasons Why Ashley Ortega was Replaced by Gabbi Garcia as Ruru Madrid’s Partner?


Though Ashley Ortega may have some advantages as a commercial model, a former skater, and who entered showbiz at 13 years of age; to be paired to GMA-7 Kapuso’s ‘Protégé: The Battle for the Big Artista Break’ runner-up and now considered as the Network’s Teen Drama Prince—Ruru Madrid, still she was replaced by another female teen star and currently her co-star in a weekly comedy family-drama show titled ‘InstaDad’.

Here are some probable reasons why her tandem with Ruru Madrid didn’t pan out:

Her Features Didn’t Fit well with Ruru?

From a Chinese-Spanish-German-Filipino descent, her looks can be strikingly strong against the charming features of the young Madrid.

Back in the 80s, when Regal Films paired Snooky and Gabby Concepcion—it worked for a time, but it fizzled afterwards. Gabby was paired to a more Filipina-looking beauty named Lani Mercado, which has semblance on Gabbi Garcia.

Ashley’s Mayumi couldn’t beat Gabbi’s Marikit in ‘InstaDad’ since hers is the immature character as compared to the latter’s?

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What Makes ‘Past Tense’ a ‘Present-Day’ Definition of ‘Happy Endings’?

For the third time, after their two highly-successful romantic comedy flicks together, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim or better known as the KimXi tandem are back on the silver screen to provide another ‘kilig’ love story via ‘Past Tense’.

Known for her success in films like ‘She’s the One’ and ‘Bride for Rent’—director Mae Cruz-Alviar offers another winning streak to audiences who love romantic comedies and so as to millions of KimXi fans. This is Star Cinema’s pre-Christmas offering with Ai Ai delas Alas as the third wheel in providing humorous scenes in the movie.

‘Past Tense’ revolves around the friendship of Babs and Belle, both assumed by Xian Lim and Kim Chiu. It opened with the sleeping Belle portrayed by Ai Ai delas Alas, the older one who fell asleep for 20 years and was given by Papa Time (Benjie Paras) the unique opportunity to return to 20 years backwards and meet her younger self Belle (Chiu) and make the latter fall in love with her best friend Babs (Lim) in order to prevent an accident that drastically changes her life.

Both Kim and Xian knew very well their comic timing and the sleeping part was the most natural and giddy part for all the KimXi followers and fans. Apart from the comic relief that Ai Ai could offer, some dramatic scenes really are tearjerkers. Lim and Chiu here are both daring in their kissing scene.

The film allows the moviegoers to examine and re-examine the past and create the chance to correct whatever mistakes in order to evade pains. The film attempts to re-define the meaning of a Present-Day Happy Ending and that is giving true love the second chance. Also, its conclusion provide a funny ‘twist’ that will guarantee its audience to come out in high spirits despite some dramatic scenes.

‘Past Tense’ opens on Thursday, November 26 in theaters nationwide.