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Lauriana: Bringing Back the Tandem of Lee, Chionglo

Apart from the controversial steamy love scene of Bangs Garcia and Allen Dizon, who play couple in a film ‘Lauriana’, an entry to the Film Development Council of the Philippines’ Sineng Pambansa All-Masters National Film Festival, which will run from September 11 to 17 at SM Cinemas nationwide—will also reunite veteran screenwriter Ricky Lee and veteran director Mel Chionglo.

The official poster of 'Lauriana'.

The official poster of ‘Lauriana’.

According to Lee, the idea of writing the story came from Chionglo last year, “A friend of his, named Ricky Jimenez, told him of an incident that happened in their town in Quezon when Ricky was still a kid.

“I used that incident as the take-off point for what eventually became the final story of ‘Lauriana’.”

The film was set both in the 50s and in the 70s. It was the time of the Hukbalahaps, and the Martial Law. It revolves around a dancer who fell in love and suffered to a bipolar husband, a member of the Philippine Constabulary, and named Samuel.

When writing the script, Lee mentioned, “From the start I told Mel that I wanted a very visual story. ‘Yun bang halos maraming dialogues ang nakatago in the dark, di masabi. Napakaganda ng lugar na pinangyarihan ng istory pero may nakatago sa dilim.”

Though a period film, it presents issues that are still relevant in these times, like the reports on domestic violence or wife-beating.

Chionglo on the other hand, does not deny the fact that moviegoers will be intrigued with the movie since it features both Garcia and Dizon in a scene that required his two professional actors to be naked, but still done in a tasteful manner.

However he points, “It’s the story that would make people remember ‘Lauriana’.”

“It’s about a couple of things—the treatment of women and children, the loss of innocence and corruption of a young boy, the various kinds of ways we imprison ourselves, how love can both distort and liberate, etc.,” Lee added.

Both Ricky and Chionglo agree that Bangs was perfect for the role of Lauriana—she looked and moved the part, while Allen was already in the cast from the start though.

‘Lauriana’ will have its premiere night on September 5 at SM Block Cinema 2, North EDSA at 7pm. Both Garcia and Dizon are joined by Victor Basa, Jaycee Parker, Angeli Bayani, Rich Asuncion, Anna Luna, Chanel Latorre, Robert Correa, Mark Solis, Rico Barrera, Jash Villarin, Vince Celis, and child actor Adrian Cabido. FDCP and BG Productions International of Ms. Baby Go produced the said film.

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