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Marion Aunor’s ‘Unbound’ music video is soon to hit the airwaves

Initially, the song ‘Unbound’ was pitched as a ‘solo’ to Star Records but after hearing the song, Roxy Liquigan and Jonatahn Manalo thought of making it as a material for a girl power-kind-of-thing song. It is branded as electronic dance music (EDM) with Morisette Amon and Alex Gonzaga; and is expected to hit the airwaves very soon.

It is the third track of Aunor’s second album and reflects of who she is as an artist, a struggling artist even up to now but has to break-free from all the many solicited and unsolicited feedback, who told her what she cannot do and she is only capable of doing. It is her way of telling the public that she has unlimited potentials of being a singer-songwriter.


Ideal for a Girl Anthem, indeed.

Although she doesn’t directly say that this third track of her album is just best for girls, however, it can be for males, too. However, in this video, she believes that it is a great thing that celebrities like Amon, Gonzaga and her have come together to inspire their fans collectively.

It is great to see the three artists as they do an upbeat and sexy-type of song which will further empower all the listeners especially the female populace.


Aunor posed before the selected press people from print and online to talk about her ‘Unbound’ music video. Photograph is taken by writer.

No Plans of Launching it Yet.

Her second album has been initially launched in Luck Chinatown in Binondo, but she doesn’t want to consider it as its official launch.

What they are doing now is just produce the music videos and release it one by one for the audience to see and appreciate. She is thinking of doing a concert instead of a launch where all her fans could join and sing-along with her in the event.


Her Second Album is ‘Explorative’.

She is glad that with this current album, she has the opportunity to launch 16 tracks and is her way of really proving what she still can do despite the many voices that tell her this and that.

“I really want to explore in this album,” she said.

There are also two bonus tracks she wrote for Alex Gonzaga and Kathryn Bernardo—the ‘Goodbye Kiss’ and ‘You Don’t Know Me’, respectively.


Marion Aunor sings with Michael Pangilinan in a Fund-Raising Concert

On Sunday, March 6, the #RomanticMovieThemeSongPrincessMarion Aunor performed with the #HaranaPrinceMichael Pangilinan for a fund-raising concert titled ‘M & M: #Pumapagibig’ at Zirkho on Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City. Part of the proceeds of the show will be given to an institution, a half-way house in Ermita called ‘Bahay Aruga’.

Marion Aunor

Marion Aunor sporting a new short hair, which is just fitted for her re-invented image.

“It is not the first time that I helped the institution. We feel the need to give more that is why we have to mount this show,” Marion said.

Aunor who popularized the songs—‘Free Fall into Love’ and the one that hooked the moviegoers even more in the love scene of ‘Always Be My Maybe’ romantic-comedy flick, her song—‘How Can I’.

In her search to re-inventing herself and in reaching out to a larger audience, she has plans of creating more songs and doing more shows n the future and the show that she just had with Pangilinan is just one of those.

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