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Get to Know ‘EDWARD’ on October 2

The 15-year-old Louise Abuel who plays Edward in the film of the same title Edward is set to extend his identity in public in its commercial theater-run on October 2.


The 2019 film entry at the Cinemalaya Film Festival is about a boy’s daily life in the public hospital as he was designated companion of his ailing father. In the story, together with his friend Renz (Elijah Canlas), they both wander around the hospital premises.

When Edward reached the emergency room, he met Agnes (Ella Cruz).

The female patient that is Agnes (in her terrible condition), became part of the harmless but, naughty game both Edward and Renz play–betting on whether a patient will live or die.

The coming-of-age film is helmed and co-written by Young Critics Circle awardee Thop Nazareno (for 2016 Best Feature Film Kiko Boksingero). The piece serves as a mirror image of the healthcare system and the government-funded hospitals in the Philippines. 

Witness how Agnes affects the life of Edward.

Richard Somes’s ‘Cry No Fear’: Sibling Rivalry went Awry?


Imagine when Millennial Dance Princess Ella Cruz and Social Media Sweetheart Donnalyn Bartolome are in one film ‘Cry No Fear’ as siblings in trying to outwit each other. It will definitely be chaotic to have them both in a household.

Cry No Fear Movie Stills (4)


Cry No Fear Movie Stills (3)

Cruz and Bartolome play the antagonistic half-sisters Wendy and KayceeLito Pimentel is their father is well aware that the two not able to stand each other, but he has to leave them at home together for three days, in the care of their nanny Dory portrayed by Sheree Bautista.

Amid the raging storm, the tension got even more intense when unwanted guests came to rock the worlds of the two young women after begging for food and medicine. Will the two treat each other well especially when the intruders forced into their home and turn their lives upside-down? The three intruders are breathed into by Lander Vera-Perez, Christopher Roxas, and Patricia Javier; they are ruthless and do not think twice of killing the two young ladies.

Cry No Fear Movie Stills (8)

Somes, the director behind the 2008 film ‘Yanggaw’ is back to scare and pulsate the moviegoers’ hearts when the thrilling scenes are presented.

The suspense-thriller film opened yesterday, June 20 in theaters nationwide.

JaDine is back via #NeverNotLoveYou

On Saturday, March 17, Viva Films launched the latest film #NeverNotLoveYou of one the country’s hottest loveteams—JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre) with Antoinette Jadaone as the screenwriter and director.



Dubbed as a mature film for the two young stars since it tells the story of two young, carefree and reckless individuals who entered into a relationship, but soon leads to an abrupt ending when their respective dreams take them to separate paths and so as their choices tear them apart in the process.

Reid and Lustre returns on the big screen, and this latest romantic-drama is their sixth film together, and marks as their reunion film together with Jadaone after the series they did together in 2016-2017, titled ‘Till I Met You’.

James is Gio, a freelance graphic designer while Nadine is Joanne, brand manager for a direct-selling company. Their characters paint a situation that young couples would normally find themselves when faced with challenges in life; realizing that love is essential in every relationship but may not be enough to make it work for the longest time especially when living in a foreign land.

For the most part of the film, it was shot in London while additional scenes were taken in Manila and Zambales.

Love changes two people who are madly in love with each other, but life catches up on two people in their weakest points and it changes how they perceive and feel about love.

Gio and Joanne are young couple and they need to have two incomes in order to survive. Due to their works, it has affected their relationship and failed. This is one scenario that the young couple are facing in the story. Both actors are asked to tackle concerns on ‘unspoken expectations’ often lead to disappointment and miscommunication in a relationship.

Catch JaDine is their tender and intense love story to open on a Black Saturday, March 31 in cinemas nationwide.